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A Question on Recipes

February 21, 2009

So for those of you who know me, (Considering the fact that I am only starting up on here that most likely isnt a lot of you) you are well aware that I am a damn good cook. I love cooking and I love teaching people how to cook. I was thinking about my eating habits as of late. They are not the best. I should be eating way better but come on, shouldn’t we all? Anyways, I’m not gonna fool myself into believing that I will only be cooking healthy things from now on. HOWEVER….

I have over 30 cookbooks in my possession and I rarely touch them these days. Cooking in bulk has been the way to go as of late due to lack of funds so I tend to make foods that last more than a day (pasta, rice, etc) and as much as I enjoy making them, its time I make more than just that.

Never fear, I wont stop making what I normally make but I wanna mix it up a little.

Ah my question! Yes, I did have one… oh yeah!

Would you guys like me to post up some recipes on here occasionally with pics of what I make? I figured it would motivate me to cook more and cook more variety. Definitely in my head right now. What do you guys think?

My Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2009

So being a single woman, and knowing many people who are in fact single or in lousy relationships I always considered myself one of those people who thought Valentine’s Day was a horrible day. A day that was initially meant to celebrate love in your life that has been manipulated into a retailers dream of making money. A day that vendors have gone out of their ways to convince people that if you don’t spend a lot of money on your mate that you therefore don’t love them and really don’t care for them at all because you bought them a dozen roses instead of a diamond necklace.  We also believe that its a day that is also meant to make people feel the need to be in a relationship because if you are single on this day you are therefore a pathetic loser that doesn’t deserve love so therefore suffer through seeing lovebirds this day and feel sorry for yourself.

Like I said, I always put myself in this category of people. I never did because I really believed that though. I just did because I notice a lot of friends of mine really truly believe this. I know people who are in fact in relationships and just flat out refuse to exchange gifts or even acknowledge the day for fear if they do pay attention to the day it will cause a fight because one person gave the other more than what they could afford and a fight would ensue.

I think I just put myself in this “Valentines Day is a sham” category because I’m single, have always been single, never been blessed with a beautiful Valentine so believe this was where I was supposed to be especially since so many people I surround myself with think on Valentine’s Day negatively.  Bottom line : I’m single so therefore Valentine’s Day sucks.

I would convince myself of this every year. I recently realized this was NOT helping me on Valentine’s Day. This just makes you feel worse.  You sit there and believe its horrible, you see people enjoying it and then you feel out of the loop cuz not only do you NOT have a Valentine you are apparently the only one on the subway surrounded by couples who thinks Valentine’s Day is a sham.

Here’s what I truly believe and it makes me isolated from people who think otherwise, so be it:

Valentine’s Day is a great day! At least it should be. Done right it can be as great as a birthday or Christmas. Its a day where two people who care about each other agree on making the day special.

No, you shouldn’t feel the need to spend an arm and a leg and if one person spends less money than you did on a gift, get the fuck over it, its Valentine’s Day. Its not your birthday or Christmas. If money is an issue then dont spend a lot of money. If youre one of those bitchy women that expect a lot of money spent on this day, then I got news for you… you dont love the guy. If you did, you wouldnt expect them to waste their check on a gift.  Its about the emotion not the gift.  Hell, dont even buy one! Just go out to dinner at a nice restaurant and split the bill, have some drinks and fuck til the sun rises! Maybe thats something you do all the time anyways lol. Whatever, its different because you are acknowledging a celebration of love… as cheesey as it sounds.

Yes, the acknowledgement of love should be daily in a relationship. Im not stupid. Of course thats true. The fact of the matter is, there exists a day called Valentine’s Day.  What is tradition is to celebrate love. Hell, not even so much love as admiration and care for another person.  Just like a birthday is a celebration of someone being brought into this world. I mean if you care about them, you should be happy on a daily basis that they were born! I know Im thankful daily that my friends exist but there is that one day where you make it a point to say, “Im so glad you were born on this day”.

Valentine’s Day: ” Im just making it a point to tell you how much I care about you… now lets shag.”

I like the word “shag”. I had to figure out a place to put it.

So, yeah I won’t lie, I will be a little negative… just a little on this day. Not because I hate it, but because I regret I can’t partake but I refuse to sit there and bah humbug it anymore. However to everyone who does in fact celebrate it,


You Are To Blame, Record Companies

February 6, 2009

You know I am an addict to youtube. Its the best place for aspiring artists. Its a great place to see things that tv wouldn’t normally see. Its also a place where you can see some awesome things just for nostalgic purposes.

I noticed more and more lately that Viacom and other companies like this one are really cracking down on the videos in youtube. Copywrite infringement is their exuse. Basically they arent making money because no one is watching their stuff anymore in a way that they can get money from it. Even the artists who were in the videos are getting the shaft because they have their own youtube channels and get their own stuff deleted all the time.

You know, I would feel sorry for big companies like this. Its not just Viacom record companies like Sony, Atlantic, Geffen, etc they are all losing money because of people downloading and sharing music without paying for it.

The computer age has really hurt big companies and has really helped the actual artist. In my opinion anyways. Im not saying Im right or wrong, Im just saying its what I think.

Again, I WOULD feel sorry for these big companies. The truth is, I don’t. I just can’t.

The purpose of these companies initially were to market artists. Artists they felt needed to be heard around the world. These artists needed publicity and the word out about what they do. This is mainly in the music business but also in acting and theater and even fine arts. Rationally, there is a fee for this service. Of course, I mean they work hard. Thats a big job.  At least, it was.

Who am I kidding? Yeah, it still is. Its really hard to think of it as such though when as an artist there are so many ways to do it yourself now. You can plug yourself on myspace, facebook, youtube, sell your own cds on itunes, your art on ebay, make your own dvds of your movies. You can even produce your own music on programs like Garage Band. It may not be the best quality (although I gotta admit it can sound awesome) but if all you want is a recording of your talent then there you go.

Why have artists gone to this instead of the old standard of looking for representation? Simple, money, the lack of it to be specific.

Record companies and distributors really dug the whole for themselves. Published news reports on artists going bankrupt and broke aftet ALL their popularity and their songs getting played out on mtv and vh1 and radio and they dont have money to pay a fucking phone bill! Why? Cuz the record companies make them sign insane contracts that not only take most of the money but also forbid them from singing the songs they wrote. Songs that were personal and from their gut, from trauma, from great times, music is a part of the musician, to lose control and not be allowed to express it… what the hell is the point of being a musician?

Artists are fed up! Why give that kind of power over people who don’t give a fuck about you and your talent when you could do most of the things they do? Notice I say MOST. Im not gonna lie and say that the artist can do it all. Not now anyways.

The fact of the matter is, big companies are shitting their pants and are looking to salvage whatever capital they can. Musicians know what to do and have shown that it works for them. Trent Reznor, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, OK Go, all have used free media to get their music out and its worked in their benefit. Maybe they didnt get it exactly the way they wanted but it has shaken these big companies up. Releasing them on Itunes from their own websites making the money directly, its exactly what an artist wants while still maintaining their own creativity and power over their music.

So sorry Big Entertainment Companies, I would like to feel sorry for you but that will teach you to fuck with the artists!

Sure take my videos that I saved to watch at my leisure if you want. Eventually you will lose control over that too. Notice OK Go still have their video up cuz you dont have fucking control. They may not be the best band ( I like them, dont love them) but they were smart enough to be clever and creative and they arent the only ones out there. Eventually the videos will be made so that you dont have the rights to them. Haha.

Hello world!

February 5, 2009

My first ever blog outside of live journal. I look forward and am determined to make this a regular thing. Hopefully I will be able to share a lot of things about myself with you through this. I want this to be the hub of things that are going on in my life. I plan on making a web show and be prepared to see it on here as well as youtube or wherever else I can put it.

This isnt my best writing ever but I swear Im good. I SWEAR!