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Dear Lindsay Lohan….

March 26, 2009

I know you will never read this but I feel compelled to express myself so I shall.

Babe I am so sorry your career is in the shitter. I truly am, as an aspiring actress and singer, I can’t imagine what its like to have the success at one point and then lose it.  I havent had the opportunities you had so I dont get the up and down. I also dont get the whole celebrity thing. Im sure its been a pain in the ass sometimes.

That being said, when I read that you blamed your “sicko fans” for your flailing career, my ears pricked up.

Really, Lindsay (or Lindsey), really?

See I can understand that obsessive fans can be annoying and they are the ones who seek out info on you but when you said “sicko fans” you never really differentiated between your regular fans and the obsessive ones thus making ALL your fans feel like you were referring to ALL of them.

Don’t worry, Ive never been one of your fans so you dont have to worry about me being offended, I think you suck, hooray you cant blame me!

Here’s the thing Lindsay, youve done some really stupid shit. I understand you were only a child when you started but you yourself admitted at one point that you were terrified of the day when the paparazzi would stop following you.  I mean, you cant want both things and Im sorry sweetie but your jobs arent coming in cuz you have substance abuse problems that have proven to hinder your work performance. You also have issues with your family that go with your work ethic.  You can’t blame your fans when the producer or director of a movie makes it a point to tell other people WHO CAN GET YOU WORK that you are NOT GOOD TO WORK WITH! Thats not the fans sweetie, thats the people who will pay you.

And not for nothing, but those sicko fans clearly are sicko because a ticket for a movie is like 12 bucks now and you have done nothing but crap since Mean Girls (and I didnt even see that) and they STILL dished out the money. Try looking at yourself before blaming others. I know its hard but its gonna be harder now that youve alienated them as well. Good job!

I wish you luck. I hope you realize youre the screw up and fix it yourself. I think you need to apologize to the fans you WERENT talking about cuz umm you didnt really clarify.

Give Samantha my love and dont punch her in the face.

Your unfan


Paella…my way

March 26, 2009

Just to warn you, no pic this time round. I got so caught up cooking it wasnt til I relaxed that I remembered I was gonna take a pic of it. By that point it was off to Mike’s.

Ok so ingredients:




olive oil







chicken broth (boullion cubes about 1 or 2)

This is a kinda pricey dish. Dont make a routine of eating this unless the recession isnt biting you in the ass.

So first things first. Take your cut up chicken and season it with some salt, pepper, adobo, and sazon( if you are rich, saffron it is). The in a huge cauldron, spray pam over the entire inside, put  a dash of veggie oil, a spat of butter, and a dabble of olive oil. (ok so you dont HAVE to put all of those in, but rice dries up rather quickly so if you want your leftovers to taste great I suggest you do this). Once the oils are heated add the chicken. Cut up your chorizo and add that once the chicken has already started browning.

Next add the rice and then water. Make sure you only put enough water that it covers the rice and everything inside, dont put too much.  Add some salt, adobo, and if you wish sazon to the water and the bouillion cubes. Let that cook. While its cooking wash your seafood. Your seafood can be anything, calamari, clams, oysters, mussels, crab meat, salmon, shrimp (for God’s sake clean it cuz most places dont!), even lobster. put a little salt to your seafood and when the water has evaporated a bit and the rice is cooked through (not hard but not super soft) dump your seafood in and turn.  Let it cook for about 15 minutes more and it should be done.

Bottom line: Make rice, and dump everything in the pot.

Now, there are easier ways of doing this.  If you go to your supermarket, you will see goya already has a paella mix, buy two boxes, it has some seafood in it but its never enough. I cant afford going to Freeport to get fresh seafood and all those lovely shells I would want in my paella to make it pretty so I cheat. I order from my pizzeria J and D, and ask for the seafood platter. For like 30 bucks, I get a thingy of bread, garlic knots, spaghetti, and this huge feast of shrimp, scallops, mussels, oysters, clams, calamari, salmon in tomato sauce. I simply dump that in with the rice and chicken and chorizon, and Im done. So the choice is yours.

As you will see I will be going through recipes the traditional way. No measurments most of the time, just going on taste and the fun of trying new things. Hope you guys try it one day. Its fun!

What’s in store for this blogging space.

March 25, 2009

I’ve decided to do some repetitive things here that should be fun and interesting so here’s a minor list:

1. Ultimate goal first: when I can I intend on posting video blogs along with hopefully my own comedy show.

2. Showcase some of my musical endeavors including solo projects and projects with Jay.

3. Recipes and pictures to coincide with them. We are talking everything from really hard stuff to really basic and easy things that perhaps need no explanation but I know some people who just can not cook cuz it freaks them out (not naming names) so I know this person isnt alone therefore that will go out to everyone who is culinarily disabled.

4. Music critiques, reviews, and spotlights. I figure I will go through my itunes in alphabetical order from The’s to Zwan.

I plan on doing more things on here. I’m sure I will rant or go into detail about things outside of my list but the list is a definite course of action so check this blog often!

Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters.

March 17, 2009

I watch both these shows. I should be ashamed that I do cuz people always have to say cynical things about it but I don’t care I stand proud as a viewer! They got me hooked! Why? I shall tell you:

Paranormal State. Its on A & E. Usually New episodes at 10pm. (or 9) If you don’t know the show the premise is, reality based show surrounding a paranormal researching group started by some guy who had paranormal experiences his whole life and he started the organization at his college, Penn State (hence the name) and they go to homes of families that are basically tormented by hauntings.

Ghost Hunters is on the Sci Fi network. New episodes are on Tuesdays at 9pm. Basically TAPS is the name of the paranormal researching team led by two guys who work for Roter Rooter (i know I’m spelling that wrong but plumbers basically) by day and during off hours lead a paranormal research team going to hotels, homes, prisons, etc that are deemed haunted and they basically go not to get rid of ghosts like Paranormal State but do scientific research to see if it is in fact haunted or not.

Sound ridiculous? I don’t care its addicting and hysterical to watch.

I believe in ghosts, I believe in the paranormal. Ive had personal experiences and I know plenty of others who have as well. Now, do I think these shows are legit? It really doesn’t matter. I do think one is more legit than the other though I wont lie.

Paranormal State, when it first started seemed fairly legit. Like they would dismiss some things and then do the historical background, have a psychic come in and then cleanse the house. What I like is that a lot of the team come from different religious backgrounds and they make sure to keep an open mind. It was believable…. the first season. As of late, it is CLEARLY dramatized to a huge fault. Now its a mix of them still doing a legit job but a) the people who call for help just want to be on tv, b)Ryan the guy who started this is getting a kick out of being dramatic and knows girls think hes hot so hes milking it for all its worth.and c) it just doesn’t look real. I do think a few episodes are very legit but its like one out of 5 that I think are real. The thing about it is, I stopped watching it like it was real. When you know its fake, you just gotta go on it being fake and enjoy the theater. Its so funny to me to see people act like its real and believe they are convincing. Now I could just have become a bit cynical, it could all be real…. but I doubt it.

Now with Ghost Hunters.. they aren’t trying to rid the place of a ghost. They go to cool places like old prisons and forts and yeah regular homes too and the people who call and ask for their help don’t normally ask for them to rid the place of the ghost, its the opposite. If they own a hotel that has a reputation of being haunted and no proof, they call in TAPS to check the place out and prove it. If it is haunted then they can claim with “validity” that its a haunted stop on any tour. The show is funny because sometimes its like “oooh that was cool” and other episodes are flat out boring cuz nothing happens.

I’m not gonna lie though I mean they wouldn’t put this shit on TV if some of it wasn’t enhanced by TV. They use music and weird camera angles and stuff and yeah the “proof” they get is normally not as cool as you would like but that’s why I like the shows. Its not perfect. Its just fun to watch the processes. I mean I’m not stupid…. some episodes of Ghost Hunters start off with the two guys working a plumbing job in someones house when they get a call to another haunted spot…. do you actually believe in their 3rd season they are STILL plumbers?!?!?! Please!

My Top 10 list of travel destinations

March 15, 2009

I intend on going to these places within the next 5 years. With the possibility (high PROBability) of moving to one of them in the future. Oh and they are in no particular order:

1. Chicago: I wanted to go this summer but thats not happening cuz I cant afford it. (by the by this is only being said once in this list but it is the main reason why I havent gone to most of these places). I crave the taste of true deep dish and I have always wanted to visit especially since I wanna sing karaoke with Teddy. Its been a while.

2. Houston: My dad and my sister live down there. I should see them sooner rather than later. I have a place a stay which is a good thing.

3. Florida: Im not picking a specific city cuz I wanna visit tons of friends and family down there. Ive been there before once when I was 13 (and i live there when i was months old for about a year before moving back up here).

4. Cincinatti: My grandad on my dad’s side lives there as does most of my aunts and uncles from his side of the family. I just wanna visit them.

5. Puerto Rico: I know Ive been there but I have to go there more often because of most of my family living there. I may even be going back before the summer is over.

6. The UK: This encompasses England, Wales, and Scotland. My first trip there will hopefully validate my dream of moving there. If I still feel the same, well then, we know what I will need to do. Ugh, my KINGDOM FOR A PASSPORT!

7. Spain: I want to be in a Pedro Almodovar film. I want to see a Miguel Bose concert. I want to go for a night on the town to Tapas Bars. Its like bar hopping except hopping from bar to bar to drink, you are going to have appetizers, its fucking awesome!

8.France: Ive been trying to get Rosetta Stone for free because I want to brush up on my french. I took 4 years of it in hs and I can watch a french movie and not be lost but thats as far as it goes.

9. Brazil: It should be noted that most of my destinations are driven by food. Especially watching Anthony Bourdain No Reservation. It looks like a fun place and lots of great food. I wouldnt feel comfortable in a bathing suit on the beach though. I mean have you seen the bodies on those beaches??

10. up to dispute: there are tons of other places I want to go but for the most part these were the main places I think about.