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A little on my view on people in my life as of late.

April 29, 2009

Ive been trying really hard to post this without it being negative so I will just make it short and sweet.

Sometimes, in order to move on with your life and go for your goals, you need a strong support system. I notice in searching for that through all my friends and acquaintances that some of them are in fact NOT the people for the job despite the fact you have been there for them. Even if its when asking for support for friends, to sit there and be rude about it, really isnt necessary. Its unneeded drama and I refuse to act. I hate letting go of friendships but sometimes when trying to build a strong support system, you need to let some people go. When you do, it may hurt at first like a bandaid but once its over you realize you have less to worry about and it makes your goal seem more possible and stronger.

A Little on music endeavors…

April 27, 2009

As far as music is concerned with me, there is a lot of it. I am planning to work on my own cd in the extremely near future. In the meantime I am working with two bands with my best friend, Jay Sharp.

There is The JSE which we have been insanely working on lately we are looking for a drummer so if anyone knows of one in the NYC area willing to commute to Park Slope by all means let me know.

There is also A Black Tie Affair. I do backing vocals on some songs but for the most part, Jay and I are trying to determine a title for me in that band. Last thing he called me was Ambassador to A Black Tie Affair and that just suits me fine.

In the meantime here is a video we did covering Crestfallen from the Smashing Pumpkins. Enjoy!

Yay another recipe: My Potato Salad

April 26, 2009

This time I took a pic. If ya hate mayo, onions, eggs, peppers, then this isnt for you. If you find it awesome then hear we go!

What you will need:
1/2 a white onion
one green pepper
about 5 to 6 idaho potatoes (depending on how many people being served or how much leftovers you want)
other seasons you prefer
about 4 eggs

Ok this is what you do. In a big pot pour 6 cups of water and put a pinch of salt

cut up the potatoes into medium sized cubes. Not too small or too big.

dump the potatoes into the pot and boil. half way through, put in the 4 eggs to boil along with the potatoes. Boil until the potatoes are tender. NOT TOO SOFT THOUGH. If it gets too soft they will end up becoming mash.

Ok when the potatoes and eggs are done, dump the water and deshell the eggs. Cut the eggs into small pieces and put them back with the potatoes.

Add a splash of vinegar, some salt and seasoning. I personally use adobo because Im Puerto Rican and its just something we do. I love it, the best seasoning ever!

Next add the chopped onion and pepper. Then the mustard and finally the mayo. Don’t make it too mushy just enough that it coats the potatoes.

When its all blended sprinkle a bit of paprika to give it a little color and you’re done!

Here is what it looks like!

My Potato Salad

I had a dream last night that seemed plausible which scares me.

April 24, 2009

So as some of you know, I have very dear family still living in Puerto Rico. I go visit them whenever we can afford it and the main person we worry about is my great grandpa. We went last summer and realized we would need to be in Puerto Rico more often due to his health, age, and well when he passes away we would need to fix the house and sell it.

There has been this possibility which I truly hope doesn’t come to pass not because I don’t love Puerto Rico or even think that I wouldn’t have a decent job down there but I do NOT want to MOVE there. However, God forbid I am left with no other alternative I may need to move there for at least a temporary amount of time. Again, no worries my friends, I don’t really believe it will happen. THAT BEING SAID, I had a dream last night that actually seemed really fucking cool. I thought I would share it with you all see what you think of it. Why? Well because if I had to move down there, this may in fact be the goal of choice:

I dreamed that I moved to San Juan and I opened a rock venue called La Rockera in the Condado area of San Juan which is the big tourist strip. The thing is when you go to PR most of the music venues there are just salsa, merengue, and reggaeton clubs all of which I do not participate in. I can handle salsa and merengue at family parties or the occasional song on my itunes but it goes as far as that. I see a lot of rock, alternative, types at the mall down there but I see no venues for them to hear their bands and music. I also think Puerto Rico is a place a lot of indie rockers should go. Not just Latin rock but English language rock as well. So, in my dream La Rockera was a venue kinda like Arlene’s Grocery where there is a regular bar but a whole other level where bands perform. Also there was a professional studio where people recorded their music. So basically my venue would cause a whole genre burst in San Juan and it being one of the few it was very prosperous. It made aspiring artists who lived in the area do their music and brought more known bands from the states or Europe there to perform and have a little fun in the Caribbean. I was successful.

See if this was my dream, if this was my main goal in life I would totally do it. Its not though, I would be giving up a life that I really want and I don’t know if I could do that.

However, if I DO have to go down there, Im thinking I can start that with friends, find investors, raise enough money that my mom had a cool place to live and then become a silent partner and have the money wired to me while I seek out my real goal in the UK.

Idealistic, crazy to think about cuz it was just a dream? I dunno. Whatcho think?

Dear Miss California

April 21, 2009

*sigh* aww honey, you just aren’t that bright are you? Its ok, I don’t see anymore pageants in your future that you stand a chance in winning so I wouldn’t worry about making a dumb mistake like THAT again.

In case you don’t remember what you did let me refresh your memory: You were in the interview portion of the pageant and Perez Hilton asked you basically your opinion on how states should deal with same sex marriage laws and well, you pretty much ruined your shot at a crown. You said, “I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman… NO OFFENSE” and then you were actually booed! I gotta say bravo on inducing a milestone in pageant history as being possibly the first USA pageant contestant to ever be booed at.

Miss California, if you don’t agree with same sex marriage, its fine really most people dont truly care what your opinion is, you have the right to your own however you kinda forgot what you were doing there. If you want pointers on what you SHOULD have done you should do a search on youtube for Perez Hilton cuz he bitched about you and what you did and made it very clear what it is you did wrong. Basically (since you clearly aren’t bright enough to look anything up in a computer cuz I mean if you did I would think you would be a bit more open minded) Perez points out instead of making a biased opinion you could have just said, its up to the states to make a decision on such subjects and instead you separated and segregated a group of people with your opinion basically making the point that you dont think Gay people have a right to be married and love one another like straight couples. Like Perez said, Miss USA is supposed to represent unity and you isolated yourself from a whole group of people that were ready to support you, I mean hello you represent CAli fucking Fornia for God’s sake!

I hope you enjoy the looks of repulsion, the name calling and even the people throwing things at you. I hope you grow accustomed to life without a crown. I mean if you do another pageant I advise you to be prepared, you pretty much pissed off the choreographers, beauty stylists, fashion designers, hell pageant organizers who are mostly gay and I can pretty much guarantee you that they will make sure you look like Hedda Lettuce on stage. Oh wait thats right, you dont support gay people so you dont even know who Hedda is. Its ok, Im sure you will find out the hard way!

Note to self about karaoke….

April 21, 2009

If you are going to make a list on wordpress, it would be a good idea to write it down and bring it with you. I didnt do a few of the ones I said I would do.

Songs I Intend to Sing at Karaoke tonight… and tomorrow night.

April 17, 2009

So Teddy is here in NYC and I am really sad cuz I havent been able to hang out with him this whole time. HOWEVER that changes tonight at karaoke. We will have fun times. I get to go TOMORROW night as well since my friend Mike is having his Commemoration of The Fall of the Titanic Karaoke Party (I swear Im not making that up) in the same place. I will be repeating some songs and some I may not we shall see. Here are some that shall be sang in no particular order:

1. Money Changes Everything – Cyndi Lauper
2. Somewhere Only We Know – Keane
3. Walking on Broken Glass – Annie Lennox
4. Mysterious Ways – U2
5. Suddenly Seymour (w/Teddy if he would like to) – from Little Shop of Horrors
6. Time is Running Out – Muse
7. I Dreamed a Dream or On My Own – from Les Mis (these songs are really depressing though so not sure)
8. Just a Girl or Spiderwebs – No Doubt
9. Silver Springs – Fleetwood Mac
10. They Don’t Know – Tracy Ullman

There may be more but for now thats what I want to do.

United Airlines? Is your brain fully up your ass?

April 17, 2009

Im not gonna rant too much on this, Im gonna make it as quick as possible. And for me you know its not that quick. So here is a link to the article that talks about how United Airlines is going to start humiliating overweight people and then charge them for it.

Look I just think that we have gotten to the point where we just want to be comfortable in EVERY circumstance of life. The problem with that is NOT EVERYTHING IS COMFY! Get the fuck over it. If life were entirely comfortable we wouldnt have anything to change, life would get so boring.

You know Im a big girl, it is uncomfortable to be in a plane I know it but if you start making overweight people feel bad then you might as well start throwing off huge families with those annoying kids that they refuse to discipline on a flight, you should also get rid of those people who are deathly afraid of flying and you can see them restraining themselves from freaking out yet they are crying, no need to see that! Get them off too! How about those people who insist on talking to you and making friends when all you wanna do is sleep? Oh oh! How about those people that snore like beasts and drool on your shoulder?

Look we have a tendency to find something that ticks us off and then want it fixed. Even little things. This crosses the line to discrimination and its just not right.