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Why I Think Fate Tried to Stop Me From Going to Coney Island!

July 30, 2009

I finally was able to go to Coney Island Tuesday afternoon if only for a brief moment due to weather. The thing about it is, I’ve been trying to go since June and its taken me THIS long to get there. I firmly believe fate has been preventing me from going for a while and here are my reasons why:

1. Mermaid Parade: I dont even remember why I didnt go. I know I had work but would get off early enough to go to it. Did it rain?

2. Siren Festival: I wanted to go but other people couldnt go. I didnt want to be in a huge crowd of crazy alone.

3. Last weekend: I had wayy too many things to do.

4. This Saturday: The plan was to go to buy shoes in the early morning with my uncle and godfather and then go to Coney Island THEN to hang out with Jay. Well, my uncle and godfather decided to take me to Long Island to get the shoes and we ended up at Roosevelt Field Mall for about 6 hours! By the time we got back it was 4pm so I missed out on Coney but got to hang with Jay.

5. Sunday: The plan was to go to Coney and then dinner w/Aris. Well I woke up to see my mom lying in bed with a case of vertigo (she gets it a lot). So I only went to dinner and then some karaoke.

6. Monday: The plan was to go after work. Well, Im at work when the weather decides that it will not be nice out by the time I get out so I miss out due to storming.

Why Coney, why? What does it have against me?Oh how I missed Nathan’s delicious hot dogs. I missed sitting on the boardwalk watching medical waste wash up on shore. I miss the old guy on a bike all Puerto Rican Flagged-out! I miss the guy that walks around with the python around his neck. I miss pistachio ice cream.

Well I gotcha on TUESDAY! HA!

Tuesday: They said it would be a nice day. All day it looked great. We knew it would drizzle at night but that would be it. We got on the train, we planned on meeting Jay there. We get there and we notice its sunny, but, …. storm clouds began to form. It got colder, people were leaving the sands, yeah, it was gonna rain again.

THANKFULLY THOUGH. Jay got there soon, we were able to get Nathan’s hot dogs, sit down and eat, relax and then the drizzling started. Of course, it was over before our train even went underground but still, the beach and possible storms dont really mix well.

I wish we could have stayed longer, I wanted to walk on the boardwalk more and put my feet in the dirty sand.

Next time Coney, next time. Dont think you got rid of me! Beers are cheap at Nathans and thats enough to get ANYONE to go there so HA!

The JSE have a contest and its on!!!!!!

July 29, 2009

The JSE Contest is ON!!! Join it people!!

So as you know I am in a band with the amazing Jay Sharp and friends. The name of the band is, The JSE.

Many of you wonder what J S E stands for. Well that is where YOU come in as does, the contest!

We need to figure out what The J S E stands for. So we figured we would have a contest to see who could come up with it. The best band name you can come up with that has J S E as the initials will win!

Yes! There will be prizes. We will actually give prizes, no joke.

The winner of the contest will receive:…. A frozen Turkey! Come on, ya gotta love turkey!

The runner up will receive a Ben and Jerry gift basket.

The person that comes up with the DIRTIEST most sexually inappropriate band name will receive a subscription to Playboy or Playgirl depending on orientation. If you’re bi you MAY be entitled to both depending on how you PROVE it… *wink wink*

The winners will be announced at our next show (most likely in September) so I strongly suggest you go!

Also if you are bi and you win, you may be forced to prove it on stage with us hahaha in order to get BOTH subscriptions.

Sound like fun? Then participate! Email your ideas and/or questions to with the subject heading: JSE Band Name.

Music Review: Alek Syntek

July 26, 2009
Adorably Nerdy

Adorably Nerdy

Its been a while. I may be making up for lost time this week so get ready for possibly more than one of these a day.

So yes, Alek Sytnek. Another latin musician. Pretty awesome I must say. Based in Mexico, he started out young doing mexican tv shows aimed at children, with an iconic mexican singer named Lucero ( I know there is a band named that so dont get confused, Lucero from Mexico was a child singer who would act and doing musical movies, etc.)

Anyways, from there he ended up forming a band called Alek Syntek y La Gente Normal (Alek Syntek and the Normal People) a really cool alternative rock/pop band. Alek’s songs were written and composed all by him. Of course all in spanish but with influences from funk, pop, new wave, and a bit of punk and alternative sounds. The videos themselves are really cool and were different.

I gotta say in general videos from Latin countries, be it Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, etc, they are more avant guarde and artistic when the budget allows them to be and I may love english speaking songs more, I always thoroughly enjoy and look forward to latin videos. I know Im gonna see someone try to do something new and unseen. Not all the time but most of the time. I suggest even if you dont like latin music to give the videos a go. I can promise you they are entertaining.

After years of being with his band, it was pretty clear he was the mastermind and needed to do his own material on his own. He made a huge name for himself as a lyricist, composer, and producer. Helping other latin artists with their own musical endeavors that it was time for solo work. Left La Gente Normal, and has made a few albums in his own right.

What I like about his solo work is that he really built up the lyrics. With his band the songs were more band influenced making sure the instruments were showcased more often, I mean after all the band were his friends and diplomacy was evident. He knew they needed their moment to shine as well. Now on his solo work it was more about the songs themselves. He really knows his voice too. Hes done a few duets (including Kylie Minogue) and he knows who his voice blends well with. He knows the technical aspects of music and it shows.

What I do miss is the edgy portion. I do like his solo work quite a lot but with the band the alternative and punk influences really were what got me into them. I really think if I werent a fan of his prior to his solo work, I more than likely would have never bothered giving this a listen. Im glad I did though but there are a lot of latin singer songwriters out there and he probably would have gotten lost in the crowd of them.

Here’s the video that really got me to love him, its back when it was Alek Syntek y La Gente Normal. Talk about out there.

What Im Looking Forward To In Puerto Rico

July 25, 2009

1. Staying in an apartment instead of a hotel
2. Seeing my great grandpa
3. Seeing other family members
4. My Aunt Maggie and her husband Fernando may take us to Pinones
5. Old San Juan, how I love thee!
6. I get to indulge in PR foodwise (I wont go crazy though)
7. I intend on going to the beach, I swear
8. Awesome pictures
9. Kick ass food
10. Maybe a trip to the Bacardi plant.
11. Being a tour guide is so much fun.
12. Will research living and owning a business there.
13. Fun! Fun! Fun!
14. Shopping in one of the coolest malls I have ever been in.
15. Did I mention? Fun! Fun! FUN!!!

More Details On the Wedding…..

July 25, 2009

So, as I mentioned before, there is a wedding that will be taking place in about a year. Who’s the wedding you may ask? MINE!

That’s right folks, I am getting married!!!

“But Natalia, uhhh, I thought you didn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend? I thought you were still a virgin!”

Well fuck you very much but yes. This is all still true. There hasn’t been anyone in my life romantically. Thank you SO much for reminding me. LOL

“Uhh… so who are you marrying?”

I am marrying my best friend, Jay.

“Whaaa??? Are you two on crack? Are you both retarded or crazy?? I thought Jay was gay! What the frig is going on?????”

Calm down mofo’s JEEZ!!! Let me explain:

So we had both mentioned a few times to each other how we should get married. Just for the sake of being married and thought it would probably economically be a good idea. We never really looked deeper into it until recently. Jay proposed via facebook and we decided we should actually look into it and do some research.

Well we did and sadly, legally, it wouldn’t help or be a good idea. It would be too much to deal with in changing statuses on forms and any benefit programs we would be involved with would probably be hindered should we need it so we decided a real marriage was not something we should do.

So to answer any questions, NO, this WON’T be a legal wedding. All may calm down. No need to freak out.

We were still kinda bummed though. We really wanted to have a wedding. Then we both discussed it and realized ” Hey, we both love each other. Not romantically sure but we are best friends. We should celebrate THAT! Why SHOULDN’T we have a ceremony and a kick ass party???”

SO THATS WHAT THIS IS PEOPLE! We are getting married to show how much we really are glad to be friends and have each other in our lives. It may sound crazy and odd but HELLOOOOO??? Its me and Jay we are talking about here. Not only are we crazy and odd but we know how to have fun and throw a cool party!

This is gonna be a bit theatrical and silly and fun. Try to do this on the cheap of course but we want to have a big extravaganza. A party to remember. Small ceremony, reception with karaoke OF COURSE!

AAAANND not only will we have the wedding and reception but we (The JSE) will perform our OWN wedding. This is a JSE concert AND wedding all rolled up in ONE!!! How fun is that?!?!?!?

Who wants to help me plan????

My Pet Peeves

July 21, 2009

This isnt a ” I really hate people who do this” rant. This is just a list of things that repeatedly rub me the wrong way. Just to vent it out. I dont expect people to stop or anything in fact, I know some of these may or may not be controlled. I made a list because I realized I realllllly have A LOT OF THESE!! LOL!!!

1. Hanging up or signing off without saying goodbye. I do this too admittedly but I notice whenever people do it I get this weird feeling in my stomach I dunno why.

2. Text messaging. I can not STAND this. I still do it but I rather not. I feel like when people do it when you hang out with them its fucking rude because you have company and acknowledge them please. When you do this its like you are telling them that they are boring or they dont warrant your attention. For me it takes forever cuz I hate typing on my phone. If I had a better key pad I wouldnt feel so annoyed by it.

3. People who walk too slow. Look this is NYC. The streets are packed. I think tourists are great but understand this is a busy city. Even if IM not in a rush the dude behind me is and I need to get out of the way. If its all the same, please feel free to stop and look up or look in a window or something but do the common courtesy of looking around you, make sure no one is in your way and step to the side where others can walk. Thanks.

4. Couples who INSIST on making out in public. Now PDA in general isnt what Im talking about. Ive gotten used to it, I think its a bit annoying but whatever I dont care. Im talking about couples who are FULL ON making out in front of LARGE groups of people like on a crowded subway and THEN have the nerve to give you a dirty look for staring or just glancing their way if you so happen to be on the platform looking for your train but your view is blocked because two ugly people are tongue sword fighting with each other while you wait for the V train. (yes I am speaking from experience).

5. Waiting. Just in general. Whether its 30 seconds, 30 minutes. Expected, non expected, I truly truly hate waiting. I think its cuz I have bad feet. LOL. I mean I never get angry at people for having me wait when told or if they are 10 to 15 minutes late. We’ve all been late including myself admittedly I get it. I hate waiting for like tickets for something and you HAVE to be somewhere else by a specific time but you cant get there until the rest of your party meets up with you, I get really nervous. Ive been known to weep.

6. Having to guess plans. This is more of a me thing honestly. Im not the most spontaneous of people. I have never been one to jump at spontaneous plans. If you call me and say “hey meet up with me now” chances are it wont happen and I will be ticked off that you didnt give me some warning. I also hate when I make plans and dont get a definite answer cuz some of my friends go either way in this situation. Either if I dont hear from them, then the plans are off, or the plans are on, or I have to fucking wait till they finally come around to tell me because if I make the decision myself, its always the wrong one. I dont like having to guess. I have a life. Let me try to live it instead of wasting it away.

7. Nail files. *shudder* The sound of someone filing their nails makes my teeth hurt. Even if I see one I get creeped out. When I do my own I have to bite down on a newly clean sandpaper one. Dont ask my why I just do! Im weird!

8. Reality Tv. I admittedly like some guilty pleasure but I hate most. I hate those Rock of Love, Charm Schools, Bad Girls, JOn and Kate, anything with exploiting family and children really fucking pisses me off. Im not a moral saint ok but I do think a lot of the crap they do on those shows promote people to be dicks, bitches, assholes, primadonnas, spoiled brats, and horrible parents. I dont need to see that shit.

9. Celebrities who are only celebrities because of their behavior and not their talent. Paris Hilton this means you among others that I cant list because I will be here forever. I also cant stand celebrities who act like the world owes them a fucking favor and dont respect the people that actually waste money on a fucking movie ticket. So many celebrites are such assholes. Look I get it, the paparazzi are annoying but dont fucking act like you are shocked they are their. The world of the paparazzo really came into play in the mid to late 90s so if you are shocked by all the attention you get and feel like you dont deserve the attention for anything you do, youre not only an asshole, youre also a moron. Sadly it comes with the job. I know its hard but just figure out what to do before you get involved. I already have and Im not even famous so there! Hmmph!

10. Patronizing. Im not a child. I hate being made to feel stupid. I know Im not stupid but I always feel like a bimbo and ditz so I need not have someone else try to make me feel like it I think I do it to myself enough. If you want to inform me on something just tell me and not give me a hard time. One of the people who I work this does it on a repeated basis to everyone around her and she has asked openly why on earth people dont tell her or ask her questions she knows the answer to. Umm duhhhhh!!!

Ok Im gonna stop now. I realize I actually have more than 10 and I will be here all night. Guys dont worry though, this isnt directed to anyone so they can fix anything its just things in general that tick me off.

That Julia Child movie…….

July 20, 2009

I just had a small conversation with my friend Wendy last night, discussing how after seeing just the end of Mamma Mia on HBO I now am contemplating watching the whole thing cuz I love Meryl Streep then proceeded to rant a bit about how and why.

Then I see the previews for the Julia Child movie shes in starring her of course and Amy Adams.

Ugghhh. It looks hoooooorrrrrible.

Look if it was JUST movie based on Julia Child’s life, I actually would go and see it. I mean this woman had an amazing life in itself. She was a spy for God’s Sake! Thats pretty effing cool. There is no need or logic behind a woman who lives her life through each and every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook. It just sounds and looks totally lame.

Maybe Im wrong. Maybe its good. I hope Im wrong. I just definitely don’t intend on going to the movies to see it. Unless I can get in for free and Im not alone. And drunk. Or drugged. Kicking and screaming. Yeah.

Why Dave and Busters Rules!!! (Especially on Wednesdays)

July 20, 2009

1. Drinks are 1/2 price from 4:30 – 7:30pm
2. All games are 1/2 price all day and night
3. Less crowded than on weekends (although it was pretty crowded)
4. Its like Chucky Cheese for adults.
5. You can win pretty cool stuffed animals
6. Its in Times Square so you have easy access to transit
7. One word: Skeeball!!
8. There is a bar IN the gameroom!!
9. Drunk video race car driving is pretty damn funny
10. All my friends love it there!

I went there last Wednesday for my bday. It was fun. I plan on going more often. Hell even the food was good!

There is going to be a wedding.

July 19, 2009

Im not going into too much detail now but yes, a wedding ceremony is in the works. A bit complicated to explain but trust me, its gonna be awesome and fun. I cant wait to organize it, its gonna be kick ass, funny, rockin’, and one of the best parties I have ever thrown!

A letter to Angelina Jolie.

July 18, 2009

Dear Angelina Jolie,

Go away. I rarely watch your films, you do not seem like a nice person. From what Ive seen and heard you are NOT a nice person. Your lips kinda gross me out. How about adopting a kid from America or something? They need homes too.

Love (not really)