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Music Review: Andrew W.K.

September 30, 2009
Andrew W. K..... no really, thats totally him.

Andrew W. K..... no really, thats totally him.

This guy just flat out cracks me up.

Andrew W.K. is more than just a heavy metal looking dude that sings Party Hard.

Ok so granted thats really the only song hes known for and its admittedly my fave song from him BUT its true.

I know a lot of you remember his album cover for the album that carried that single. You know, just a close up of his face all bloody from a punch to the nose. That long stringy metal hair, etc. Yeah, looking at the pic above you dont realize its him. I know, trust me, I am still kinda blown away that he seriously is kinda cute.

Hes known for that single but ALSO for his stints in the Jackass Movie and just doing insane stunts. His album cover alone proved that as according to him, its real. He actually had someone punch him in the face to make it bloody. Now, do I believe him? Ehhh… hes crazy but I dunno if he’s THAT crazy.

His songs are almost all the same in the sense they are all 80s metal reminiscent but they are updated and they are just flat out awesome songs to well… play at parties. I mean its called Party Hard for a reason.

I also love the song I Love Your Face haha. The title alone.

THAT BEING SAID, there is actually more to this guy.

Hes a trained pianist. Hes studied music since he was a child and has been in the music industry since he was 13. He comes from a very intelligent family, his dad is a law scholar and his speeches to large lecture halls of people really had a strong influence on him. Not only does Andrew do the whole metal head deal, hes also capable of composing pretty cool songs and has just recently started collaborating with other musicians. Andrew is also a pretty known public speaker and has been doing self help seminars all over the US.

And yes, he cut off all that nasty ass hair. He explained it in a blog. Bottom line, he got rid of it because he figured his career would be over without all that hair… so, he did it. Yeah, thats how he rolls. I actually think thats kinda awesome.

My favorite performer? Nah, nowhere near it. However he is someone that deserves some recognition so he has mine!

Video: Sadly Party Hard is disabled for embedding so I have the song She Is Beautiful. Not a great song but hey, Im not leaving you all without a video. Its the least I can do.

Music Review: Andrew Bird

September 29, 2009
Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird

I have admittedly taken a while to do another music review because I knew Mr. Andrew Bird was next. Yeah, sorry Andrew Bird fans… this wont be exactly a great review.

Originally from the Chicago area, Andrew Bird is a pop/folk singer that has made quite a name for himself. I gotta admit, I dont really get it.

Well, actually, yeah I kinda do. I just dont buy into it really.

Let me lay out the positives:
Extremely talented. Im not gonna knock that. The dude can play anything. Hes multitalented and really knows just about everything when it comes to music. He grew up surrounded by it. Classical, Irish folk, etc. It is clear it all influenced him. Ive not been to his shows but he is quite known for always changing up his own songs and improvising nuances spur of the moment on stage which sounds pretty impressive to me. He doesnt sound like any pop music out there.

Ok, thats as far as I can go with the positive stuff.

HES SOOO BOOOORING….. UGH! Its the reason it took me so long to do this blog. Everytime I was prepared to type it I would automatically just shut down and be like “meh too far”.

Look, you can be talented. You can have a really great gift for music. Its what you DO with that gift that makes it good. He didnt do that for me. He just made it mainstream and mediocre. I dont know if he did it on purpose or not but either way, it worked in the sense that he became “popular” like a hipster with individually actually has become mainstream in itself. Its not too original for me. I dont hear an Andrew Bird song and feel anything.

Now for you Bird fans, hey, its totally fine if you like him. Thats the thing. Hes not BAD he just bores me. Hes trying to be quirky and offbeat but it just seems so… i dunno, produced. Is that a bad thing? I dunno. I just know I am not crazy about it.

Hey like I always say its just how I feel, not saying its right or wrong, just my opinion.

Video time: I actually like this video. Im not crazy about the song, its alright but the video is cute. Its for his song Imitosis.

A letter to MTV

September 25, 2009

Dear MTV:

I think we need to talk. I know we haven’t spoken in a while but I have been keeping an eye on you from afar so dont think I’ve been avoiding you, I just dont want a relationship with you anymore.

When we first met, you were newly born. When you came into my life, I was a 7 year old who saw her salvation. Her two favorites combined: Music and television.

You were so awesome. You were creative, you had awesome people working for you. Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood, some guy with a Jerry Curl, Adam Curry…. ALL telling me about music and new musicians. Presenting little 5 minute movies musicals. All different types of music that I just absorbed like a sponge.

You also did things for others which I will always be happy about. You introduced unknowns to the world and made them famous. You gave everyone a shot at success and were willing to show people’s talent. Even if it was for just a minute. No joke I learned sooo much from you about different genres of music and even global cultures!

Then, you started to change a little. I understood, I mean I didn’t think you needed to cuz hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! However I was happy with the new things. Like Half Hour Comedy Hour, Remote Control, Just Say Julie Brown. It was a nice break. I emphasize BREAK.

Then you created The Real World. It wasnt an original idea mind you. I mean there was a reality tv show based on an actual family in the 70s but you focused this idea on 7 young 19 to 20 somethings who were all different living together in one place and see what happen.

I must admit, I loved it. I thought it was a great idea. I loved the very first one in New York. I wanted to be friends with Julie and Becky and Norm. I had a HUGE crush on Andre. I have to admit though, I thought to myself “whats this doing on MTV?” I mean remote control, just say julie, and mtv half hour comedy hour kinda were relevant to music television. Remote Control had comedy but referenced pop culture and music quite often. Just say Julie showed music videos and talked about music all the time. Half Hour Comedy Hour would have some of their comedians become VJs like Pauly Shore, Colin Quinn, etc.

The Real World, didnt exactly show that. It was just life. I did rationalize it though. Heather B was a rapper, Becky and Andre were struggling musicians. I thought “hey once this is over they will be famous musicians, MTV is helping them” so there had to be a reason why it was on MTV.

Yeah where are they now? Then the next season (really another season, alright) They were in LA. I watched it. It was alright but there was unnecessary drama. Then Real World San Fransisco. It again was alright, in fact I liked it better than LA because at the time AIDS and AIDS awareness were a big deal and Pedro Zamora really was the face of it at the time. It had an impact on me. However Rachel and Puck were a waste of my time. They were the beginning of the downfall for me. It was clear that you were all just looking for drama and I wasnt down. You won me over again with The Real World in London though. Why? Because there was no major drama! It was awesome! It was what made me realize I wanted to move and live there. It still drives my dream. MEANWHILE you all dismissed that season as your “bad” season cuz there was no drama and THATS when I realized what was happening to you.

You changed at that point. I didnt mind TRL at first because you played videos but the problem with TRL is that you ONLY played what mainstream generic people listened to. We are all not the same some of us dont have a voice. You catered to us all at the beginning but then decided that all that mattered was what made you popular and what brought in numbers. You forgot about the music. You brought in MTV Cribs, Pimp my Ride, Laguna Beach, The Hills, I dont even KNOW what else but babe, IT AINT MUSIC.

Now you have gone into producing movies. Fine whatever, if its not on your actual network I dont give a shit. However you have crossed the line.

You are SERIOUSLY gonna make over Rocky Horror? Like seriously? I mean its so unoriginal when ANYONE remakes a movie. It shows that no one is even trying. You just dont care anymore, do you. You just want to make money and not realize the movie magic you are destroying. The rumor is you want Russell Brand to play Frankenfuter. Look, I love him soooo much but I will still boycott this movie out of respect for the people who were unknowns and were discovered and became legends because of this movie. No one discovers people anymore. There are soo many people trying to make it in this business and they look to people like you to help them out and you dont. How pathetic are you?

I give up on you MTV. You used to mean something to me. You were once important and stood for something: Music. You dont do that anymore and for that Im sad. I will still hope and pray you change your ways however it doesnt seem likely. This year’s VMAs were a breath of fresh air. I was happy about it. You went back to making it a fun show and spectacular. Now if only you can do that for your entire network.

My thoughts on the new VH1 Divas Special

September 18, 2009
It makes me question the word Diva

It makes me question the word "Diva"

Ok so before I go off on this I have to admit something:

I didn’t watch the special.

I don’t WANT to watch it. I have a lot of reasons as to why but the basic reason is because I dont listen to half the crap thats out now so I rather not.

Plus, I have an issue on the use of the term “Diva”

Through my upbringing and knowledge of Divas I have grown to have a perception of what a diva is. To me a diva is someone who is adored, respected, and basically can not be touched when it comes to their talent and reign. A diva is someone who you see perform and even if you are not a fan of their music, you are able to sit there and say “Daaaaaaamn, whatever she is doing she is clearly a Queen of her Craft”

You got your Aretha Franklins, Patti Labelles, Chers, Whitney Houstons, Beyonces, Dolly Partons, Madonnas, Elton Johns etc. Some of who I mentioned you may think to yourselves “Huh? Wha?” but running the gamut of different genres of music, they all have their divas. These are people who have a history, they have seniority, hard work, talent, power behind their belt. Yes they make mistakes but they are AWARE OF THEM, they do their bests to come back from them, they know what is expected from them and work their butt off make their audience happy.

Why? Because a real diva knows that she can be demanding, she can have her own expectations in the dressing room, in her hotel, limo, etc but she knows one important thing. The public is what made them the divas they are. They EARNED the right to be called diva because they work their ass off to do what it takes. When you think of someone in a genre of music, they are the first people you think of. Motown? Aretha, Diana. Funk? Patti, Chaka. Country? Dolly, Patsy. Pop? Madonna, Cyndi. The list can go on.

A real diva is also aware and humble at times that she knows she should be. They are a real lady and mature and graceful. I said Beyonce because shes showing she deserves to be on the list. Maybe not YET, but I can see her sitting on that thrown already and she is worthy.


I just think Vh1 has a problem. Just like MTV which isnt surprising cuz its the same company. Its called milking the cow dry. Anything that is a success they will repeat over and over until it becomes ridiculous and not sensible. I love the “I love the….” shows. However what next? “Top 100… ” are always fun but its always shocking to see what will they try to come up with next.

When Divas Live first came out… I again am not a fan of much of the music but I did watch it and for the most part, was content with the lineup. If memory serves it was Gloria Estefan (trust me she is a latin diva), Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Aretha Franlin…. and Shania Twain. For the most part, I could see why most of them were there, Shania? She was popular but a diva? Really? I shrugged my shoulders and just told myself I didnt get it cuz I wasnt a fan. 10 years later, I say my cynical pondering was valid.

The next one… I think it was Cher, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, and …. Brandy. Again, most were accurate. But Brandy? Really????? Come on now. You cant be an ingenue and a Diva it doesnt work. I will get to this issue in a minute.

Basically the others got progressively ridiculous. Beyonce was on one in like 2003 which was fine but ask me who else was on there and I’ll be damned if I can remember … EXCEPT JEWEL!! Again, REALLY? Jewel? A Diva???

This year I saw the line up and Vh1 as blasphemed the word Diva.

I dont care that Paula Abdul hosted or even performed. Although yeah Im glad I missed that.

The “Divas” though, I mean gimme a break.

Now dont misunderstand!! Some of these women I actually do like! Im not saying they arent all good. (Though some make me gag). I just dont think they warrant Diva stature. At least not yet.

Adele. I love Adele. I think shes a fabulous singer and if she keeps it up can be a diva. Just not now I mean she wins one grammy and shes a diva? Let the girl grow into it people!

Kelly Clarkson. Ok, I am not a fan of her music but I do love her. I think she has the makings of a Diva on respectable personality alone. She is who she is and makes no exuses. Rock on. However, not a Diva. I dont care what you say. But no.

Leona Lewis. Umm who? I mean ok I know WHO she is, but she hasnt made any worldly impact to be considered a Diva. I dont even care if shes good. I dont know if she is, Ive never heard the girl sing.

Miley… fucking… Cyrus. Ok we need to discuss this at length….

Look. I seriously dont dislike this girl entirely. I think shes a stupid little thing that does things without thinking. As most teenagers do so therefore I dont hold it against her. I DO think that the media and her upbringing REALLY are fucking her up. I mean even if shes “fine” mentally, I got issues when her parents dont seem to make her accountable for her actions and she insists on doing things without realizing that she is a teenager that other teenagers and little girls look up to. I always believe in living your life making sure you dont have to apologize later. I know it sounds fucked up but isnt it easier to just make sure you are respectful instead of doing something that you will have to apologize for later? I mean, I admittedly HATE to apologize. I hating being in the wrong so I do my best to avoid the situation. I wish someone would tell her (and Kanye West for that matter) to stop before you do something and think about it. I have a HUGE issue with calling kids under 18 DIVAS. (I also have a huge issue with a little girl riding a pole at a Kids Choice Award Show).She is too young to be a Diva. She is too young to know what goes into being one. Calling someone like Miley a Diva is pretty much giving her an excuse to just do what she wants. I firmly believe that she has no idea of what a Diva is or what goes into having that title. It upsets me that she is given this and not understanding what it means. I dont want her to be a Diva.

Look: Diva (with the d capitalized) is different than diva (not capitalized). The capital D signifies the sash you wear with pride whereas the regular diva signifies an obnoxious attitude of believe you are entitled to things when you truly arent worthy. Miley cant be a Diva, she is too new an still has a career ahead of her and she still needs the twists and turns. She hasnt experienced them yet. You cant be a Diva until you know what that career will give you.

I know, Im cynical and maybe a bit bitter. Whatever. I know what I want in my Diva and most of them didnt have it. I support some of them in their careers and hope Adele becomes a Diva in her own right but I think Vh1 truly needs to know what the term is and they have shown me that they not only dont know, they dont care.

Music Review: Andres Calamaro

September 16, 2009
Argentinas Own, Andres Calamaro

Argentina's Own, Andres Calamaro

Andres Calamaro is an Argentinian singer who has really won me over. He has a really raspy, smokey, cigarette addict-damaged voice that really isnt easy to like. The first time I ever heard him I really wasn’t feeling him. I couldn’t figure him out. Was he a balladeer? Was he a tradition bolero singer? Was he new wave? Alternative? I couldn’t get it. I just couldnt figure out where he was going with his music. Thats how he grew on me.

Andres basically hits on everything to make his own sound. He pays homage to everything in his music. Salsa, Tango, Bolero, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Blues, Funk, you name it.

The other thing I love about this guy is, he lives and breathes music and its not about the money. I mean he made his music free he wanted it to be downloaded on torrents and free sharing sites because he wanted the music for everyone. Hes always trying to make new music and make different sounds. Its awesome.

I couldnt find many videos on the guy so here is one for his song Loco, its not my fave but its pretty good.

Dear Kanye West:

September 14, 2009

Look, Kanye. I will give you this much. You have worked very hard to get where you are now. I respect your ambition, drive, and hard work.

That is all the respect you will get from me.

I will also say that when you said that George Bush hates Black people, while I dont think he HATES them, I do agree that hes pretty much fucked a lot of minorities and the poor over. However I think you could have handled it differently but I understood and let it slide.

When you didnt win a VMA one year, you got all pissy and said you would never perform at the VMAs again, I thought it was kinda of a baby move on your part but whatever. You made a statement and I respected that.

Then umm.. the next year after making your adamant statement, you ummm… performed at the VMAs.

Hypocrite much?

I pretty much figured after your antics that you seem to pull them off just to get noticed and attention. Like a toddler.

Youre a grown man dude, grow the fuck up. You dont need to be in the spotlight all the time. You arent the world as much as you really want to be.

Tonight, at the 2009 VMAs you downright upset me.

Look, I am not a Taylor Swift fan. She seems like a nice girl but meh, dont care. I dont listen to A LOT of the people nominated. However yes, I do think that perhaps Beyonce deserved it more. So please, dont misunderstand this. Its not that I dont agree with your opinion but….


You are not one of the judges. If you really didnt agree, feel free to say shit afterwards to the cameras, but dont ruin a little girls moment. Are you seriously that much of an attention whore you were willing to sacrifice someone else’s happy moment? Do you seriously have no fucking shame???

You know its bad when the person you were trying to stick up for even feels that what you did is wrong and has to make the moment YOU RUINED right. So not only did you take away Taylor Swifts moment, but you then made Beyonce feel the need to sacrifice her own for Taylor.

It was the right thing to do btw. I mean youre right. Beyonce is awesome. Even if I dont like her music she seems like a really classy and respectfully beautiful person. I dont mean just physically, she genuinely seems like a good hearted woman and she showed that when she gave up her own moment because she knew what it felt like when she was up there when she was the same age as Taylor winning an award in Destiny’s Child.

You may be super famous, but you dont deserve it. Whether you have the talent or not. You dont deserve the right when you cant respect others who are just trying the best they can. I hope it not only gets in your head but it hurts your wallet as well. You made enough people angry tonight.

Music Review: Andrea Bocelli

September 10, 2009
Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli

Ok, I have to be honest. I didnt WANT to like Andrea. I just dont like classical music that much. The only one tenor that I like is Placido Domingo cuz my mom loves him and I remembered him on an episode of The Cosby Show and thought that made him cool. So no tenors for me.

Then this dude came out. When I heard Sarah Brightman sing the song Time to Say Goodbye, I thought to myself, “ugh cheese central. not my thing, how lame”

The first time I heard it.

Then it kinda grew on me. I didnt grow to love the song, I grew to respect the power and beauty of it. I thought both people singing were good. I thought Andrea was alright. My MOM loved the fucking song though. Omg, don’t get me started on how played out this song got in the apartment. *shudders*

Anyways I didnt know anything about the guy. I knew he was Italian. That’s it. Then I saw him at the World Music Awards and I thought, “Oh, well I’ll be damned. He’s blind.”

Ok Im gonna say something here that is gonna tick off a few people more likely than unlikely:

I think Andrea is a great singer. Is he one of the best tenors in the world. Im sorry but no. Hes not pitch perfect all the time.

What gets me is Ive caught a few people do this thing where they HEAR the singer and dont think much but then when they SEE the singer and realize that they have a disability all of the sudden think they are fucking geniuses and the best at their job. Like look, I think hes awesome and deserves all the respect and work and money he gets dont misunderstand but I do think that his being visually impaired had something to do with it. I dont care if you think Im right or wrong, Im telling you thats how it comes off to me.

I ended up getting his cd Romanza because my mom wanted it. I have to say why I really like this guy.

I like him because he ISNT perfect. He ISNT the best tenor. He sings arias and operettas and what not very well but I can name so many others that can do way better. HOWEVER out of those tenors that can sing THOSE better, I can assure you that when they sing ballads and pop music, they cant pull it off.

Tenors have this one thing I noticed. Whenever you get a guy who sings opera to cover a pop song, they still sing it like its an opera piece and therefore it sounds lame. Meanwhile, Andrea sings it fabulously. Hes able to switch it up. He has a beautiful singing voice. He can change from opera to ballad, jazzy, pop at the drop of a hat. THATS what I like.

When you think of tenors (well, when I think of tenors), you see these luxurious, epic, rich, posh lifestyles. This upper class feel. Im not saying its a bad thing, Im just saying it seems so unattainable if you are an average joe. When Andrea sings though, it just seems so attainable. So down to earth BECAUSE its not perfection, because he has the variety in sound. I dont care if he’s blind. It has nothing to do with how I appreciate the guy. Sadly I know very many people who actually took that into consideration and its just not right. The talent is what matters and stop looking down on me when I say he’s not the best tenor and thinking Im discriminating cuz he has a visual impairment. I still think hes awesome so get over it.

Video time… so he hasnt done many music videos. I only know of one and its a duet with Marta Sanchez. (The video details says MartHa Sanchez but trust me thats a typo.)called Vivo Por Ella. Enjoy!

Music Review: Ana Torroja

September 9, 2009
Spanish Icon Ana Torroja

Spanish Icon Ana Torroja

Ana Torroja is a Spanish pop singer who originally started in my favorite Spanish New Wave band, Mecano. She has this voice of a pixie. Adorable voice yet she can pull off sexy and sultry at the same time.

I wont lie, if you want me to compare how I liked her in Mecano and how I like her now, her solo work would lose. Its a BIT generic for my liking, cheesy pop that really has nothing to the songs that make me sit there and go “OMG that song is AMAZING!” Whereas in Mecano every song was a story. The reason for that was, she wasnt the creator of those songs though she made them her own.

THATS NOT TO SAY I DONT LIKE HER. I still love her. What she does she does amazingly well and I am more than overjoyed for her success. Its well needed and deserved. Some of her songs have been awesome and I enjoy listening to them. In fact, she covered Bette Midler’s Bottomless, and I hate that song but its awesome coming from her! Shes also done duets with Miguel Bose and Alek Syntek and they were phenomenal. When you hear that voice it draws you in because it SOUNDS so innocent and sweet. Thats not to say her songs are always as such but you do WANT to listen to her. It helps that shes good at what she does.

The video I got is of course her cover of Bottomless, apparently this song was meant to be sung in Spanish. Sorry Bette.

Music Review: Amy Winehouse

September 4, 2009
The best pic of Amy I could find.

The best pic of Amy I could find.

You know, this review is gonna be hard to right. Mainly because she just downright breaks my heart.

Here’s the deal, I would have a hard time believing anyone who claims they’ve never heard of her so to go into her bio is kinda redundant. So I will just say what I feel.

I have never been a fan of the type of music Amy does. When I heard Rehab, I thought to myself “hmm, not my thing, not crazy about the song but shes got a fab voice… ooh! a Brit too? Fabulous but meh, dont care” Then I hear more and more about this girl’s antics, her drug use, her public ridiculousness. I see her outlandish activities and just think “Ugh! There are soooo many people out there who are just as talented if not more so and really would work hard to AVOID doing what she does! Its not fair.”

I still think that about a lot of celebrities. Then, I did what I normally do with music. I get the discography of a person even if I am not a fan, just so I can feel good in knowing that Ive come across my opinion on the sound not half assed. That I really do try to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Well, again, not a fan of the song Rehab. Im not saying its bad but the only reason its such a hit is not only because she sings it well, its a different sound than what we have been hearing, but because its so reflective of the person actually singing it. As great as that is, what can I say not a huge fan of the song. HOWEVER……

I love love love sooo many of her other songs. I love Back to Black and Me and Mr. Jones.

I always was a fan of 60s R&B, Soul, Blues. Not a huge fan but those women could fucking sing! Etta James was pouring her heart out! This voice that Amy has is so great and its such a nostalgic sound to me of how music used to be. Motown would have loved her. At the same time there is a modern quality to her music. I mean come on, you wouldnt have been able to get away with a line like “what kind of fuckery is this” in the 60s.

You can tell who Amy’s influences are. She has respect for the time and I in turn respect her for that.

I also was blessed with the opportunity to watch her on Nevermind The Buzzcocks at her best AND at her worst (yeah she did the show twice) and both times she was extremely witty, funny, and very sweet. I saw her and fell in love. I wish I was friends with Amy. She clearly seems to need one. I dont know who she considers a friend now but I worry about friends who let her destroy herself like that. She needs someone to care for her and tell her shes worthy of so much more. It broke my heart to see her on her second appearance of the show and see her progressively get intoxicated. You can see even the host Simon Amstell who is notorious for just ripping the guests new assholes each episode just feel nothing but pity in seeing Amy in that state.

I also met people who met her when she was just starting out and said she was an extremely lovely person and I dont doubt them. You can tell there is a beautiful woman in there, through her music.

I wont sit here and say Im a devoted fan, but I do respect her, think shes a great talent and would love to see her have a career that flourished into making her a living (emphasis on living) legend in 20 years time. She deserves to be sober to see that.

Video: none of her videos are able to be embedded except a live one I found. Shes singing my favorite Me and Mr. Jones:

Music Review: Amber

September 2, 2009
Dance Diva, Amber

Dance Diva, Amber

I don’t have many songs from her on my itunes. In fact, I only have one song, This is Your Night. You know you heard the song before. We all have. Even if you aren’t a fan of dance music you know this has played on the radio and its been in your head.

Amber who was born Marie Claire Cremers is a Dutch/German singer who became big in the late 90s with her dance music. This is Your Night is a really cool song. The sound is awesome and when I hear it now I get to reminisce about the 90s and how I actually enjoyed listening to dance music. Now, its not as great. There was just something about 90s dance music that realy made you happy and feel like you can go out there and dance whether you suck at it or not. Euro Dance always got me going too but Amber had this soulful sultry voice that you heard and it didnt match the woman singing. I always loved when that happened lol.

She had tons of other singles like Sexual (li da di), One More Night, If You Could Read My Mind, just to name a few.

When it comes to dance music, its rarely about the lyrics although I do prefer a song having some, not just a repeated beat but sadly the lyrics are not the best in the world. Amber’s other songs to me really were kinda cheese, but hey to each his or her own.

Amber is still around and still making music which is awesome. However for me, when I think of Amber I think of 90s dance music and thats pretty sweet!

Heres the video that is the pinnacle of Amber! This is Your Night: