Music Review: Amber

Dance Diva, Amber

Dance Diva, Amber

I don’t have many songs from her on my itunes. In fact, I only have one song, This is Your Night. You know you heard the song before. We all have. Even if you aren’t a fan of dance music you know this has played on the radio and its been in your head.

Amber who was born Marie Claire Cremers is a Dutch/German singer who became big in the late 90s with her dance music. This is Your Night is a really cool song. The sound is awesome and when I hear it now I get to reminisce about the 90s and how I actually enjoyed listening to dance music. Now, its not as great. There was just something about 90s dance music that realy made you happy and feel like you can go out there and dance whether you suck at it or not. Euro Dance always got me going too but Amber had this soulful sultry voice that you heard and it didnt match the woman singing. I always loved when that happened lol.

She had tons of other singles like Sexual (li da di), One More Night, If You Could Read My Mind, just to name a few.

When it comes to dance music, its rarely about the lyrics although I do prefer a song having some, not just a repeated beat but sadly the lyrics are not the best in the world. Amber’s other songs to me really were kinda cheese, but hey to each his or her own.

Amber is still around and still making music which is awesome. However for me, when I think of Amber I think of 90s dance music and thats pretty sweet!

Heres the video that is the pinnacle of Amber! This is Your Night:

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