Music Review: Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli

Ok, I have to be honest. I didnt WANT to like Andrea. I just dont like classical music that much. The only one tenor that I like is Placido Domingo cuz my mom loves him and I remembered him on an episode of The Cosby Show and thought that made him cool. So no tenors for me.

Then this dude came out. When I heard Sarah Brightman sing the song Time to Say Goodbye, I thought to myself, “ugh cheese central. not my thing, how lame”

The first time I heard it.

Then it kinda grew on me. I didnt grow to love the song, I grew to respect the power and beauty of it. I thought both people singing were good. I thought Andrea was alright. My MOM loved the fucking song though. Omg, don’t get me started on how played out this song got in the apartment. *shudders*

Anyways I didnt know anything about the guy. I knew he was Italian. That’s it. Then I saw him at the World Music Awards and I thought, “Oh, well I’ll be damned. He’s blind.”

Ok Im gonna say something here that is gonna tick off a few people more likely than unlikely:

I think Andrea is a great singer. Is he one of the best tenors in the world. Im sorry but no. Hes not pitch perfect all the time.

What gets me is Ive caught a few people do this thing where they HEAR the singer and dont think much but then when they SEE the singer and realize that they have a disability all of the sudden think they are fucking geniuses and the best at their job. Like look, I think hes awesome and deserves all the respect and work and money he gets dont misunderstand but I do think that his being visually impaired had something to do with it. I dont care if you think Im right or wrong, Im telling you thats how it comes off to me.

I ended up getting his cd Romanza because my mom wanted it. I have to say why I really like this guy.

I like him because he ISNT perfect. He ISNT the best tenor. He sings arias and operettas and what not very well but I can name so many others that can do way better. HOWEVER out of those tenors that can sing THOSE better, I can assure you that when they sing ballads and pop music, they cant pull it off.

Tenors have this one thing I noticed. Whenever you get a guy who sings opera to cover a pop song, they still sing it like its an opera piece and therefore it sounds lame. Meanwhile, Andrea sings it fabulously. Hes able to switch it up. He has a beautiful singing voice. He can change from opera to ballad, jazzy, pop at the drop of a hat. THATS what I like.

When you think of tenors (well, when I think of tenors), you see these luxurious, epic, rich, posh lifestyles. This upper class feel. Im not saying its a bad thing, Im just saying it seems so unattainable if you are an average joe. When Andrea sings though, it just seems so attainable. So down to earth BECAUSE its not perfection, because he has the variety in sound. I dont care if he’s blind. It has nothing to do with how I appreciate the guy. Sadly I know very many people who actually took that into consideration and its just not right. The talent is what matters and stop looking down on me when I say he’s not the best tenor and thinking Im discriminating cuz he has a visual impairment. I still think hes awesome so get over it.

Video time… so he hasnt done many music videos. I only know of one and its a duet with Marta Sanchez. (The video details says MartHa Sanchez but trust me thats a typo.)called Vivo Por Ella. Enjoy!

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