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Music Review: Andrew Bird

September 29, 2009
Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird

I have admittedly taken a while to do another music review because I knew Mr. Andrew Bird was next. Yeah, sorry Andrew Bird fans… this wont be exactly a great review.

Originally from the Chicago area, Andrew Bird is a pop/folk singer that has made quite a name for himself. I gotta admit, I dont really get it.

Well, actually, yeah I kinda do. I just dont buy into it really.

Let me lay out the positives:
Extremely talented. Im not gonna knock that. The dude can play anything. Hes multitalented and really knows just about everything when it comes to music. He grew up surrounded by it. Classical, Irish folk, etc. It is clear it all influenced him. Ive not been to his shows but he is quite known for always changing up his own songs and improvising nuances spur of the moment on stage which sounds pretty impressive to me. He doesnt sound like any pop music out there.

Ok, thats as far as I can go with the positive stuff.

HES SOOO BOOOORING….. UGH! Its the reason it took me so long to do this blog. Everytime I was prepared to type it I would automatically just shut down and be like “meh too far”.

Look, you can be talented. You can have a really great gift for music. Its what you DO with that gift that makes it good. He didnt do that for me. He just made it mainstream and mediocre. I dont know if he did it on purpose or not but either way, it worked in the sense that he became “popular” like a hipster with individually actually has become mainstream in itself. Its not too original for me. I dont hear an Andrew Bird song and feel anything.

Now for you Bird fans, hey, its totally fine if you like him. Thats the thing. Hes not BAD he just bores me. Hes trying to be quirky and offbeat but it just seems so… i dunno, produced. Is that a bad thing? I dunno. I just know I am not crazy about it.

Hey like I always say its just how I feel, not saying its right or wrong, just my opinion.

Video time: I actually like this video. Im not crazy about the song, its alright but the video is cute. Its for his song Imitosis.