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Music Review: Apartment

December 4, 2009

Yes, there is a band called Apartment

I gotta say this band is really hard to look up. You look up the word “Apartment” logically a picture of a British Band isnt something that pops up. Yet because I am so determined I have found a pic of the band, a video of the band, and yes even a bit of wiki knowledge although I must be honest there wasnt much on them.

British band from London who formed in like 2005. Yeah thats pretty much all I need to know in terms of history. Whatever, all I know is the lead singer David Caggiari has an awesome voice and the sound of the band in general is fun, nostalgic, and rockin’.

The Dreamer Evasive is their cd. I think its the only one they have out right now. I know they have a new single out which is cool but no new album.

David has this vibrato to his voice that reminds me of Martin Gore from Depeche Mode and the sound the band has reminds me of 80s New Wave which just makes me reminiscent of “Da Mode” even more. Its like Depeche Mode meets The Killers…. but in a totally good way I swear! If you like 80s music but also enjoy alternative brit rock/pop then I can assure you that you will enjoy Apartment. Just my opinion. I notice how I will say what I PERSONALLY hear only to be told “Wha? Natalia are you on crack? Where do you hear THAT?!?” Whatever, I swear thats what I hear, deal with it. Hmmph!

My favorite song is Pressures. It just runs the gamut when it comes to sound. Its poppy, then brash alternative, then new wavy, then emo, its just all over the place yet Apartment makes it sound precise and together.

Confusing? No worries you will understand after seeing and hearing the video. This is the promotional video to Pressures. Enjoy.

Music Review: Andres Calamaro

September 16, 2009
Argentinas Own, Andres Calamaro

Argentina's Own, Andres Calamaro

Andres Calamaro is an Argentinian singer who has really won me over. He has a really raspy, smokey, cigarette addict-damaged voice that really isnt easy to like. The first time I ever heard him I really wasn’t feeling him. I couldn’t figure him out. Was he a balladeer? Was he a tradition bolero singer? Was he new wave? Alternative? I couldn’t get it. I just couldnt figure out where he was going with his music. Thats how he grew on me.

Andres basically hits on everything to make his own sound. He pays homage to everything in his music. Salsa, Tango, Bolero, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Blues, Funk, you name it.

The other thing I love about this guy is, he lives and breathes music and its not about the money. I mean he made his music free he wanted it to be downloaded on torrents and free sharing sites because he wanted the music for everyone. Hes always trying to make new music and make different sounds. Its awesome.

I couldnt find many videos on the guy so here is one for his song Loco, its not my fave but its pretty good.

Music Review: A Black Tie Affair

June 8, 2009

Never heard of them you say? For shame I say!

A Black Tie Affair is a band that is up and coming and worth the listen. Originating from Park Slope, Brooklyn and led by the most amazing Jay Sharp, this band is the band you go to when you wanna hear hard rock alternative sounds with insanity its lyrics. If you are heart broken, if you want to hear about the struggles of the mind, just anger when it comes to romance then you must listen to this band. Its not about love. There is no love. Its about life. The hardships, the dirty parts, the funny parts, the anger.

Its not negative though. You NEED to listen to music like this. You know damn well life isnt all about “oh how I love you and how i miss you and how my heart hurts with out love” blah blah blah. Sometimes you gotta sit there and have some sort of song that releases that negative energy. Its harsh, its angry, it says repeatedly “fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you!” I dunno about you but when Im feeling shitty and I want a release I will put on a song that is just as angry as me and I have fun! I enjoy hearing a band just say all the negative shit in a fun fucking way. Its hard drums and powerful guitar playing just RRRAAAARGGGH and then you feel, ahhhhhhh……

The lyrics are extremely beautiful because they are honest and realistic. Its not sad, its not hate-filled its just energy being released and it feels awesome.

The band is going through a member change but the ever present lead singer is still the core and honestly when you have a core, you have a band.

Am I biased? Does it matter? Who knows? Who cares?

So a video: This was hard because there are no recent videos of the band but there is one with a pic compilation on it. This is the song Sometimes. Hmmmm I wonder who the girl singing in the background is?…….