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Music Review: Amy Winehouse

September 4, 2009
The best pic of Amy I could find.

The best pic of Amy I could find.

You know, this review is gonna be hard to right. Mainly because she just downright breaks my heart.

Here’s the deal, I would have a hard time believing anyone who claims they’ve never heard of her so to go into her bio is kinda redundant. So I will just say what I feel.

I have never been a fan of the type of music Amy does. When I heard Rehab, I thought to myself “hmm, not my thing, not crazy about the song but shes got a fab voice… ooh! a Brit too? Fabulous but meh, dont care” Then I hear more and more about this girl’s antics, her drug use, her public ridiculousness. I see her outlandish activities and just think “Ugh! There are soooo many people out there who are just as talented if not more so and really would work hard to AVOID doing what she does! Its not fair.”

I still think that about a lot of celebrities. Then, I did what I normally do with music. I get the discography of a person even if I am not a fan, just so I can feel good in knowing that Ive come across my opinion on the sound not half assed. That I really do try to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Well, again, not a fan of the song Rehab. Im not saying its bad but the only reason its such a hit is not only because she sings it well, its a different sound than what we have been hearing, but because its so reflective of the person actually singing it. As great as that is, what can I say not a huge fan of the song. HOWEVER……

I love love love sooo many of her other songs. I love Back to Black and Me and Mr. Jones.

I always was a fan of 60s R&B, Soul, Blues. Not a huge fan but those women could fucking sing! Etta James was pouring her heart out! This voice that Amy has is so great and its such a nostalgic sound to me of how music used to be. Motown would have loved her. At the same time there is a modern quality to her music. I mean come on, you wouldnt have been able to get away with a line like “what kind of fuckery is this” in the 60s.

You can tell who Amy’s influences are. She has respect for the time and I in turn respect her for that.

I also was blessed with the opportunity to watch her on Nevermind The Buzzcocks at her best AND at her worst (yeah she did the show twice) and both times she was extremely witty, funny, and very sweet. I saw her and fell in love. I wish I was friends with Amy. She clearly seems to need one. I dont know who she considers a friend now but I worry about friends who let her destroy herself like that. She needs someone to care for her and tell her shes worthy of so much more. It broke my heart to see her on her second appearance of the show and see her progressively get intoxicated. You can see even the host Simon Amstell who is notorious for just ripping the guests new assholes each episode just feel nothing but pity in seeing Amy in that state.

I also met people who met her when she was just starting out and said she was an extremely lovely person and I dont doubt them. You can tell there is a beautiful woman in there, through her music.

I wont sit here and say Im a devoted fan, but I do respect her, think shes a great talent and would love to see her have a career that flourished into making her a living (emphasis on living) legend in 20 years time. She deserves to be sober to see that.

Video: none of her videos are able to be embedded except a live one I found. Shes singing my favorite Me and Mr. Jones: