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Music Review: Andres Calamaro

September 16, 2009
Argentinas Own, Andres Calamaro

Argentina's Own, Andres Calamaro

Andres Calamaro is an Argentinian singer who has really won me over. He has a really raspy, smokey, cigarette addict-damaged voice that really isnt easy to like. The first time I ever heard him I really wasn’t feeling him. I couldn’t figure him out. Was he a balladeer? Was he a tradition bolero singer? Was he new wave? Alternative? I couldn’t get it. I just couldnt figure out where he was going with his music. Thats how he grew on me.

Andres basically hits on everything to make his own sound. He pays homage to everything in his music. Salsa, Tango, Bolero, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Blues, Funk, you name it.

The other thing I love about this guy is, he lives and breathes music and its not about the money. I mean he made his music free he wanted it to be downloaded on torrents and free sharing sites because he wanted the music for everyone. Hes always trying to make new music and make different sounds. Its awesome.

I couldnt find many videos on the guy so here is one for his song Loco, its not my fave but its pretty good.