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Im still here dammit…

March 28, 2010

I promised myself that I wouldnt come here to bring drama or complain about my problems. I really wanted to be a positive as I could be on this blog. I feel that yes, its good to vent your problems but I dont want people to sit there, read this, and think “OMG shes so emo, get over it blah blah blah”. So I do sincerely avoid it as much as possible. Hence the reason I havent blogged in a really long time other than during the Oscars which was a few weeks ago.

So yes there is a lot going on. I wanna put it all in here but trust me if I wrote it all out you would think it was insane so therefore, lets just leave it at, Im really in a bad place. I do my best to not be in that bad place around others but it truly is so bad that its hard to hide it. I am in a negative zone but it doesnt mean Im not positive about getting out of it and pulling myself into a BETTER place. I have faith still and I know I will be there. Will I post everything thats going on with me and my mom right now? I dunno. Like I said I want to but to see it up in a blog, I hate reading it personally so I can only imagine what others would think. It doesnt help that lately Ive been judged more and more and the judgments have been hitting me hard. Off handed remarks that people make about me really jolt me. Im not saying they are wrong, in fact thats what really bums me out. Im aware of what my problems are and the judgments just validated it and Im really not in the zone to take those judgments and make it better for myself. I just take it and get very very depressed.

I have recently been given the dvd of The Secret. I wanna watch it but its been recommended to me that I should read the book first. Its not a big book so I could read it quickly but Ive been told many times that this book/dvd would help me.

I do intend on posting. When I dont know but no worries, I will get out of this. I promise.

Get Ready

October 19, 2009

I know Ive been gone for a bit but rest assured. I will be posting again and when I do you will smile with relief. You will also be shocked at how my views have changed on friendship. Well… maybe not THAT shocked. LOL.

Music Review: Amanda Palmer

August 13, 2009
The Great Amanda Palmer with the Danger Ensemble

The Great Amanda Palmer with the Danger Ensemble

You don’t come across musicians like Amanda Palmer as often as you would like (well, at least as often as I would like!).

Back in the day musicians, painters, actors, writers, all joined together to live their art. They would have collaborations and feed each others creativity. It was supposed to be. The knowledge that every artistic endeavor, be it music or fine art accented the other. Art in all its forms were each others’ muse.

Today, while we respect the different genres and classifications of art, we don’t see bands like Fall Out Boy having intense artistic retreats with painters or poets. These days all we see is the celebrity. The parties they go to and make spectacles of themselves so they can be famous. Its not about growing as an artist.

Now granted, I’m not saying ALL are like that and who knows, maybe Pete Wentz and Maya Angelou do have tea parties in the park discussing culture and its influence in art. I’m not a paparazzo so how would I know? My point is, if it is happening, you sure as hell don’t hear about it as often as I feel is important.


If you don’t know who Amanda Palmer is, for shame! You totally should! Massachusetts-brewed Amanda Palmer first made herself known to the masses (ok well I can only speak for me) in the punk cabaret band The Dresden Dolls. Now focusing on her solo work for the time being she has a most fabulous album called “Who Killed Amanda Palmer”. I have to tell you, this woman already impressed me and won me over in The Dresden Dolls, they are one of my favorite bands but she has won my respect and support in all her future endeavors with this album.

This album floored me. I heard the album and songs like Runs in the Family, Astronaut, Guitar Hero, Oasis (to name only a small few) were just smacks of shock to my face. Only Amanda could make Oasis (a song about rape and abortion) a fun little diddy. The emotions run rampant in this whole album, its funny, scary, sad, and makes you think. Its real. Its life. When I first heard the cd I loved all the songs, still do. Later on I realized through the magic of Youtube, that she did a dvd video compilation to go along with many of the songs from the album. I heard the whole album and didn’t realized that the songs were dipicting a story. Its a musical. At least thats what I got from it. Very avant guarde and contemporary. I watched it and it made me cry.

*note to everyone, when something artistic makes me cry…. its a fabulous thing*

I will be honest, if you are looking for an angelic, innocent sound like Tori Amos or Kate Bush, then you’re out of luck. Although she follows in their footsteps when it comes to imagery and boldness in their lyrics, the sound isn’t ethereal. Tori makes the music sound innocent and pure with her voice and composing of music while Kate uses prose and symbolic wording. I love both but Amanda handles it differently. She much more brave in her songs. Yes its beautiful, shes an amazing pianist, you can tell when she’s playing the emotion is hitting those keys. Yes she may not have the angelic voice Tori or Kate has but the love and the emotion is in it 10 times more. It’s real. It’s home. Its your eccentric cousin laying down her weirdness for you to hear. She may be the black sheep of the family but you look forward to sitting next to her and listening to what she has to say because although you may be more quiet, shes pretty much saying things most of us are afraid to hear yet we all relate to in one way, shape, or form. She has no problem being blunt. Who knew being blunt and honest could be so fucking beautiful???

Aside from the music, she is still one of the most artistic people I have ever heard and read about. Her blog (look to the left of my page shes the first one on my blog roll) and twitter are endless pictures and discussions about meetings with fellow artists, working on different projects, traveling the world, doing her own art, and helping other artists with their own projects. This is a woman who thinks like the artists of the past did and I fucking love that!!! Artistry can have a focus on music but music alone can be boring. Fine art, poetry, theater, all of it need to be in constant contact. It needs to be discussed, worshiped, praised, and studied. You can tell in Amanda’s style and in her way of thinking that she believes in a mantra that follows these ideals.

Oh! One thing I always thought was really awesome about her! Before she really made it to where she is now, she would make money as a performance artist in the streets of Boston. She was the Eight Foot Bride, a living statue. Here’s a pic:

Amanda Palmer as the Eight Foot Bride

Amanda Palmer as the Eight Foot Bride

Whenever I see Amanda and hear her speak or blog, it makes me so happy. No I’m not an obsessed with the woman (I’m too lazy AND too busy at the same time so yeah never gonna happen for ANYONE) in fact, that’s WHY I think she’s so awesome. She doesn’t come off as better than anyone. She’s an equal. I’m friends with people like her. She’s an artist who is just an artist and enjoys being so. As an aspiring actress, writer, and singer, seeing her do what she does, doesn’t make me wish I was her, because shes just like me. It just makes me feel good to know I’m not alone in my way of thinking. That its possible to be that way and be successful.

Artistry is all. If you need to know what that means, do your research. Check out Amanda Fucking Palmer!

Video time. God, there are soo many to choose from. This is the video for Runs In the Family which is part 4 of the “Who Killed Amanda Palmer” video series. I highly suggest checking them all out in order.

Decision has been made concerning music reviews!

June 19, 2009

So I have decided that if I really want people to get more into checking out my blog I should have more than just one. One blog for my own personal things like rants or shout outs or just ramblings. One blog for music reviews. One blog for recipes, etc. I think it would work out better that way. What do you guys think??

Is the Blog Dead? Am I Wasting My Time? No! I say! No!

May 27, 2009

I was sent this link:

This link (in case you dont feel like reading it) basically says if you are someone who wants to be a successful blogger to give up! Forget about it! Stop wasting your time! No one will read it!

I’ve been trying to get people to read my blog a lot the past few days I really want people to read it. I do want it to be successful. I want to have a huge following. I really think that having people who keep tabs on what I say and whats going on will be prepared when I have a cd out, or my webshow, or if I have a gig in the area and I want people to come out, if they happen to be in the area, I would love for them to come on by. The more publicity the better. I also really enjoy meeting new people.

So yeah I want to have a lot of people read this, but if it doesnt happen, is it worth it for me to stop blogging? Hell to the fucking no!

First and foremost I have always loved to write. Its what I enjoy doing. I tend to babble and as many of you have seen I can babble in my writing too. I do my best to edit but blogging is a release for me. I thoroughly enjoy it. Whether no one or a whole mess of people read it, I will STILL write. I enjoy it too much to stop. I would have posted like 5 blogs last night if I didnt restrain myself.

The link says that there are so many bloggers who are either famous or have degrees in journalism that regular people arent getting their voices heard. Really? I havent really thought that when people look for blogs that they say “gee i dont want someone I can relate to let me find some obscure journalist to read”. Im sure it happens but I know quite a few people who enjoy reading what people have in their head. Its fun.

I know if I were famous people would read it more but I would rather be the artist who had a blog before her fame than be the artist who felt obligated to write a journal to get their fans to feel some sort of bond with them. They would feel more of a bond if they go to this artists blog and see there are in fact archives of blogs that they posted before they were well known. It would be more real. I AM real.

And if cred is really what you seek I was an acting major at Suffolk Community College and when I transfered to Hunter for like a semester I changed my major to Media Arts: Journalism so I DO have a few weeks of journalism classes in my head if it makes you feel better.

Blogging is my way of expression. If no one wants to read it hey, its all good. I know my friends will if they want and thats all that matters. I feel better doing this. It helps the wheels in my head turn and be creative in other ways like music and of course writing. I have a lot going on in my life and I need to put it somewhere.

So no. The blog may be dying, but it will never die cuz Im not the only one who thinks like I do.

I Am Now On Twitter

May 27, 2009

I didnt think I would ever join Twitter. I have a crap phone. A Samsung Blast. I hate texting on it therefore I have no reason to update on Twitter. I have Facebook and I update on there my status all the time so Twitter is not necessary.

Or so I thought.

I want people to read my blog. I want a huge group of people to become regular readers and comment aficionados to my blog. I want to bring this blog to a mass group. Why? Because I want people to eventually watch my show that I want to post on here. I want people to know about my music. What I think of music. What I cook. I cant get it out there if I dont have viewers. I need to get the word out.

A friend of mine suggested Twitter. If you post on Twitter you will more than likely get people to read your blog. I’m willing to do anything. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get more people to subscribe or read my blog regularly?

If you are reading this and you have Twitter, for God’s Sake, add me! Macnatty is my twitter name.