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Please read the article before reading my opinion…

June 11, 2010

Empire State Building Won’t Light Up for Mother Teresa’s 100th Birthday.

Ok so after reading this I was pretty on the fence. Here is why…..

They are both hypocritical.

What I side on with The Empire State Building:

1. This is a privately owned building. They reserve the right to do whatever the hell they want. If they don’t want to put lights up for Mother Theresa, stupid or not, that’s their decision and no one should persecute them for that.

2. Its a tricky deal to do something to celebrate a religious figure in this country. There are many religions out there and if you choose one person you have to choose another, if you don’t people will accuse you of discriminating. Then TONS of different religious groups will be in your face on a constant basis. This is a privately owned office building. To focus on that topic alone would take a lot of time that working people dont have.

3.  Wasting electricity during a recession really isnt the best idea. To put the lights up so often would cost a lot of money and a lot of energy. As to whether Mother Theresa is a cut off point, thats a personal opinion that they voted on and if thats their decision thats their decision.

What I DON’T side on with The Empire State Building:

1. It’s actually supposed to be a big deal here in NYC. Supposedly there will be functions throughout the NYC area not only in Manhattan but Brooklyn and Queens as well. They seem to be passing it off as not a big deal and they are clearly mistaken or misinformed.

2. They are not being asked to have the lights on for more than one night. I dont see how much energy it would take to have different colors up when they have lights on every night anyways.

3. Ok this is the big issue I have. The owners Anthony Malkin claimed “As a privately owned building, ESB has a specific policy against any other lighting for religious figures or requests by religions and religious organizations,” meanwhile they have raised the lights for Pope John Paul II and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. just to name two. So to use the excuse of not raising the lights for religious figures is bullshit. Right there they are being the biggest hypocrites. Shes a Nobel Peace Prize winning woman who devoted herself to peace and helping the poor, you should be able to raise the lights for her for one night.

However…. like I said. Its  a privately owned building. If they don’t want to raise the lights. Whatever, don’t raise the lights and be that way. Now… for the Catholic League.

What I side with them on:

1. Religious holidays are recognized on occassion at The Empire State Building. There is no real reason why Mother Theresa shouldnt be acknowledged. Like I said above, The Empire State Building is being hypocritical.

2. The entire city will be celebrating her 100th birthday. The Empire State Building will just be out of it.

Yeah…. that’s truly all I side on with The Catholic League. I have a lot of issues with the Catholic League.  Its truly hard for me to side with them however I did my best. I do see their points but thats really all I can side with….. Now….

What I DONT side with them on:

1. Look, just cuz you want someone to recognize your religious festivities doesn’t mean if they don’t they are horrible people. Back off. The whole Catholic League really shouldn’t take this “Either you recognize us or you will be persecuted by us and The Church and God” route because you pretty much give people reason NOT to support you because that is considered threatening. You asked you didn’t get it. Move on.

2. As you read, you are not the ONLY people denied lights. The US Military were denied as Im sure tons of other organizations were denied. Join the club.

3. Speaking of, out of ALL the religious festivities that The Empire State Building has put lights up for this is ONE out of many that they decided not to. Are you really going to go on this tangeant for one thing? Spoiled much?

4.Despite their policy on not putting the lights up for religious figures, they put up the lights for Pope John Paul the II and for Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Yet even though this went against their policy you STILL expect them to go against it yet again for someone else. Again, spoiled much?

5. The one thing that really rubbed me the wrong way: The President of the Catholic League HIMSELF actually said “To stiff Mother Teresa while giving this honor to every other Tom, Dick and Harry is not going to sit well with Catholics,”. Ummm so as a Catholic League President, you consider the Pope and Martin Luther King Jr just every Tom, Dick, or Harry? Really Bill Donohue? Really?!?! I’m sorry but as president of the league I would ASSUME you got that position because you could at least word your opinions better. Clearly I am mistaken.

Look, here is my bottom line: I’m not as religious as I guess my Catholic upbringing should have made me. I got issues with the Catholic Church however that doesn’t change the fact that I think Mother Theresa was a great woman who deserves the recognition. Yes, I do think The Empire State Building should have been nicer and put the lights up but I really believe this being a major deal and people going into an uproar about it is a bit pathetic. No one ESPECIALLY Mother Theresa would have wanted people complaining about this like they have been.

Its a bunch of light coming from a freaggin building, people. I really dont think Mother Theresa would care. Get over it. People have their opinions and they have private property if they dont want to do what you want them to do, move on, feel better about yourself being a better person than them and move on and celebrate on your own.