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What it is for me to be broke.

February 24, 2010

Now this isnt all bad. I mean yes it sucks but its also a reason to focus on bettering myself. I mean if you have money you spend it sometimes not in the best of ways. When youre broke, you are very aware on what you SHOULD spend it on. I think thats why I know how to decorate my dream home, what I would buy where I would buy a place to live, etc. I know cuz I know what I DONT have and try to figure out how its gonna be when I HAVE money. This all pertains to having A LOT of money btw, meaning a steady job with a decent income. Yeah for me, a decent job is A LOT of money haha.

When I’m broke I am also aware that I become more creative. I am spending more time at home not going out to buy drinks and food. I have to focus on entertaining myself at home. I’ve written some really cool songs. I think my talents in writing songs have improved immensly. Normally I can write lyrics and its somewhat difficult for me to come up with a melody for them. The two songs I wrote within a few days of each other I didnt have that problem at all! Im truly proud of myself with them. I can see me being able to do more.

Now there is one set back that really bugs me. I hope some of my friends read this and understand. Like I mentioned before, I dont go out much when I am low on cash. At the moment mom and I have less than 100 bucks altogether. So I dont go out. Not so much because I CANT but because I dont WANT to. Tons of my friends want to go out meet up for drinks, coffee, dinner, etc. When I tell them I cant because Im broke, Im not telling them cuz I want them to feel sorry for me. Im telling them because I dont want them to think I dont WANT to spend time with them. I end up feeling horrible because its so sweet when I have friends who are like “dont worry about it, I will buy you drinks, I will pay for you, never worry about cash” its so touching and so sweet but I really dont feel comfortable letting people pay for me. Ive done it, Ive thanked them and we’ve moved on never to have issue however just because thats been the case, I always feel this weird thing in the back of my mind that I’ve become a mooch or an expense to people. i think its cuz a few years ago when I was in the same boat I over heard someone say “Oh I wanna invite Natalia but I cant afford her”. I dont think they meant it in the bad way, they just meant that they knew I couldnt afford to go and they themselves couldnt afford to pay for me. Either way, it just makes me feel weird. So as much as I am honored and touched that my friends care enough to pay for me sometimes, I really try to avoid it as much as I can by just sitting it out just until I get money again.

The insane thing is this has actually caused me many a grief. Ive actually lost some close relationships because people didnt understand this way of thinking. I mean I dont think people understand that at the moment for the most part I live off my moms money. How fucked up is it that my mom doesnt go out, penny pinches when she SHOULD be retired by now and Im out going to concerts and dinners with friends? Im not saying shes suffering but I dont feel comfortable partying while shes worried about cash and my future. Ive had moments where friends would actually claim I wasnt being a good friend because I wouldnt hang out with them when they were very well aware I was extremely broke and couldnt afford to go to restaurants that were in my opinion rather expensive.

I mean do you guys know how expensive it is just to go back and forth on the subway in one day? 4.50. Four fucking dollars and fifty freaggin cents! To some of you its not much, to me thats a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread. To have to spend that money on a metrocard is really hard for me.

Plus, prior to me being broke when I used to have a full time job, it was ME who would pay for everything. I loved it! I still wish I could. I was the one that would go into a store and go “OMG this would look so cute on so and so” and then just buy it if I had the cash. If i went to restaurants and we couldnt figure out the tip or who owed what, I would just go “oh fuck it nevermind I got it” just out of laziness and not wanting to do the math lol. Im not saying if i had the cash i would be overly carefree but it feels good to be able to know you can do that every once in a while and knowing that I cant do that, it fucking kills.

It will happen again one day though. I know it. I know I will get a decent income and feel more relaxed to hang out with my friends more often. Keep the faith!

Some positive news and some awesome links….

December 10, 2009

So if you have not yet heard from me, I had a pretty good week already and its already Thursday. There was one thing that was sad though which I will get out of the way at this very moment.

My grandpa (dad’s dad) passed away a few days ago. He was 96. Very sweet man. I never met him but talked to him on the phone a few times once my dad reconnected with us again when I was 28. Loved our talks but he developed dementia and stopped talking on the phone because it scared him. I wasnt close clearly and wish I could have visited but according to family he died peacefully and he and the rest of my family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Despite this tragedy, I actually did have a pretty great week. I feel a bit guilty being so happy about it considering however I need to cherish the joy when it comes my way! Lets go along the list:

1. My best friend Jay got an apartment! Woohoo! He now lives in Bed Stuy. You know it is the ghetto but the misconception is that all of the ghetto is horrible. Its NOT. I actually like his street and area. He lives in a brownstone and the apartment is fucking gorgeous! He gets a backyard, a block away from the park and yay! He actually lives closer to me! My train ride will only be less than an hour instead of an hour and a half. Sure I may have to take 3 trains but its still quick! I cant wait for him to get furniture and stuff its gonna be sweet!!!
2. Jay also got a gig this week. That may be just a joy for him however I sing back up on a few songs so woohoo! I get to perform.
3. I actually sang last night at the gig. It was at The Delancey in Manhattan. It went remarkably well. Friends came out, it was a free show and fun was had by all!
4. Biggest news… I am officially a music editor for Skorch Magazine. Skorch Magazine is this great magazine that is reminiscent of Elle, Vogue, In Style but it caters to women that are not a size zero. Its an online magazine that will soon have distribution so yes, I don’t get paid but hey, I gotta start somewhere no?

Im uber excited about it. I will discuss things pretty much like I do on here, in fact expect some rehashing of already blogged artists. I already submitted my column for January. I also hope I get to go to more local shows, check out artists that are unknown, up and coming, plus size is always a plus, and would love to do interviews, concert reviews, etc. I truly am glad I started doing music reviews on here. Its what got me the job!

Oh check out the magazine: there is a free preview of it but if you want to actually become a reader its only a buck a month on pay pal.

Now while I was in the process of getting set up as the music editor, Cali from Skorch asked me to join and make a profile with If you are someone who LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEESS style and clothes and really really wants to check out the coolest outfits and websites that sell it, I highly suggest joining this site.

Skorch is a fashion magazine afterall I mean just cuz Im the music editor doesnt mean I have nothing to do with fashion and style. On the Polyvore site, you make a profile and then you can create a look that is all yours through pics and stuff. Its totally free. You click on articles of clothing and whatnot and make a collage of your style picks. Its really cool. I already did mine. Check out that site too. I KNOW I will become addicted to it.

Find me on Polyvore

So far its been a good week, there is more yet to come. I am having one of my TWO Coquito Parties ( I have a small apartment) this Saturday. It should be fun to see friends I havent seen in a while.

Amanda Palmer Concert In review……

November 16, 2009

A Good Show Deserves a Bow!

Ok so this is how it started:

The ticket said 8 pm. I got there around 7:45. There, would be The Music Hall of Williamsburg. If ya love Bowery Ballroom, you will looooove this place! They don’t let you go to the stage area until 8pm. I thought that was a cool idea. Since I was one of the last people to get there, I was closest to the doors therefore I got to the stage first. I was right up front and rested my arms on the stage when I looked to the side and notices a few steps and a side barricade. I then figured, “Hey, you are by yourself and non confrontational therefore, you will get pushed off and cut in front of and probably be uncomfortable” plus Jay told me that was the best spot in the house. He was correct. I was above most of the crowd, had a place to lean, no one in front of me and close to the stage.

So 8pm, nothing. 8:30. Still nothing. Finally at 9pm, Amanda comes out and introduces the opening band The Nervous Cabaret. I honestly think that was an extremely wise decision since people were getting restless. If they came out by themselves there was a good chance they would have been booed or something cuz people wanted Amanda at this point. So it was great cuz we saw her, she told us to love them, and omg did we ever!

I dunno how to explain them. They are a New York based band but the lead singer is a Cockney. It was kinda like ska but with funk and swing mixed in. Would I listen to their stuff on a cd? Probably not but omg they are an awesome live band!! I had sooo much fun listening to them. Plus I do have a thing for bands with brass sections.

So they were done before 10 and at 10:15 we hear a marching drum in the back of the room. We then see a trumpet and a band coming through the back of the crowd. Omg The Nervous Cabaret not only were the opening act, they were Amanda’s backing band!!! In the middle of them there was Amanda!

They opened with Missed Me from The Dresden Dolls. It was awesome. Amanda sounds great with this band.

She did a mix of her solo songs with Dresden songs, some old cabaret standards. A really sad song about a woman growing up and missing her mom now that shes gone. It made me cry. She did a funny song about a pirate too.

It wasnt just a regular concert though. Amanda read snippets from her boyfriend Neil Geiman’s book titled Who Killed Amanda Palmer. Its a really cool book that I totally need to get. Its basically a photo book of Amanda dead in different scenarios and stories that go along with the pictures. She read a story about a guy in a hot air balloon with his girlfriend and he was typing a novel with a typewriter and the picture is Amanda in a field with a typwriter on her head and groceries to the side.It was cute.

She also did a question and answer period. I was bummed because I found out there was a fishbowl where people could submit questions and had I known I would have put in a few haha. She answered about 4 which was awesome.

Also during the tour, at every show she has artists doing drawings and painting during the concert. Towards the end of the show, she auctions them off. Well there were two artists and both paintings went for 300 each! Pretty damn nifty.

She had two guest performers with her but dammit I cant remember their names. There was a dude on an accordion and then this guy Seth something who is the Carrot Top of music! He had this suitcase of weird instruments and would play them. He was really cool! He played a song with Nervous Cabaret and came back and did a few with Amanda and the band.

They covered House of the Rising sun, Kid Sic (I THINK thats the name of the lead singer of Nervous Cabaret) duetted with Amanda it was awesome.

They also covered…. That Ting Tings song “Thats Not My Name” .

Ok, I cant stand this song. It annoys the hell out of me. I think its cuz the band I just dont get and it sucks with just her and a drummer or whatever.

When Amanda and the band started doing this song omg, I didnt even realize it was the song at first! It sounds sooooo amazing with a band and brass section! They did such an amazing job that I now love this song! Dammit! I didnt want to now I do!

At the end Amanda said she and Neil Geiman would be signing the book in the back. I wanted to go but omg I was so sick by this point. I felt lousy for the passed few days but I was determined to have fun and did! However as much as I wanted to get a pic with Amanda I couldnt. I am still wishing I did though. However!!! As I was leaving through the side door I passed the main entrance and what do I see?

Amanda on the shoulders of a tall blonde man with a HUGE crowd around her while she plays a ukulele singing a song. It was so awesome see?


Amanda in front of the venue

I truly wish I could get a better shot. My camera sucks and it just was NOT agreeing with me that night.

Ugh, Amanda, you rule! There is no debate! Rock on!