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Dear Kanye West:

September 14, 2009

Look, Kanye. I will give you this much. You have worked very hard to get where you are now. I respect your ambition, drive, and hard work.

That is all the respect you will get from me.

I will also say that when you said that George Bush hates Black people, while I dont think he HATES them, I do agree that hes pretty much fucked a lot of minorities and the poor over. However I think you could have handled it differently but I understood and let it slide.

When you didnt win a VMA one year, you got all pissy and said you would never perform at the VMAs again, I thought it was kinda of a baby move on your part but whatever. You made a statement and I respected that.

Then umm.. the next year after making your adamant statement, you ummm… performed at the VMAs.

Hypocrite much?

I pretty much figured after your antics that you seem to pull them off just to get noticed and attention. Like a toddler.

Youre a grown man dude, grow the fuck up. You dont need to be in the spotlight all the time. You arent the world as much as you really want to be.

Tonight, at the 2009 VMAs you downright upset me.

Look, I am not a Taylor Swift fan. She seems like a nice girl but meh, dont care. I dont listen to A LOT of the people nominated. However yes, I do think that perhaps Beyonce deserved it more. So please, dont misunderstand this. Its not that I dont agree with your opinion but….


You are not one of the judges. If you really didnt agree, feel free to say shit afterwards to the cameras, but dont ruin a little girls moment. Are you seriously that much of an attention whore you were willing to sacrifice someone else’s happy moment? Do you seriously have no fucking shame???

You know its bad when the person you were trying to stick up for even feels that what you did is wrong and has to make the moment YOU RUINED right. So not only did you take away Taylor Swifts moment, but you then made Beyonce feel the need to sacrifice her own for Taylor.

It was the right thing to do btw. I mean youre right. Beyonce is awesome. Even if I dont like her music she seems like a really classy and respectfully beautiful person. I dont mean just physically, she genuinely seems like a good hearted woman and she showed that when she gave up her own moment because she knew what it felt like when she was up there when she was the same age as Taylor winning an award in Destiny’s Child.

You may be super famous, but you dont deserve it. Whether you have the talent or not. You dont deserve the right when you cant respect others who are just trying the best they can. I hope it not only gets in your head but it hurts your wallet as well. You made enough people angry tonight.