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My thoughts on the new VH1 Divas Special

September 18, 2009
It makes me question the word Diva

It makes me question the word "Diva"

Ok so before I go off on this I have to admit something:

I didn’t watch the special.

I don’t WANT to watch it. I have a lot of reasons as to why but the basic reason is because I dont listen to half the crap thats out now so I rather not.

Plus, I have an issue on the use of the term “Diva”

Through my upbringing and knowledge of Divas I have grown to have a perception of what a diva is. To me a diva is someone who is adored, respected, and basically can not be touched when it comes to their talent and reign. A diva is someone who you see perform and even if you are not a fan of their music, you are able to sit there and say “Daaaaaaamn, whatever she is doing she is clearly a Queen of her Craft”

You got your Aretha Franklins, Patti Labelles, Chers, Whitney Houstons, Beyonces, Dolly Partons, Madonnas, Elton Johns etc. Some of who I mentioned you may think to yourselves “Huh? Wha?” but running the gamut of different genres of music, they all have their divas. These are people who have a history, they have seniority, hard work, talent, power behind their belt. Yes they make mistakes but they are AWARE OF THEM, they do their bests to come back from them, they know what is expected from them and work their butt off make their audience happy.

Why? Because a real diva knows that she can be demanding, she can have her own expectations in the dressing room, in her hotel, limo, etc but she knows one important thing. The public is what made them the divas they are. They EARNED the right to be called diva because they work their ass off to do what it takes. When you think of someone in a genre of music, they are the first people you think of. Motown? Aretha, Diana. Funk? Patti, Chaka. Country? Dolly, Patsy. Pop? Madonna, Cyndi. The list can go on.

A real diva is also aware and humble at times that she knows she should be. They are a real lady and mature and graceful. I said Beyonce because shes showing she deserves to be on the list. Maybe not YET, but I can see her sitting on that thrown already and she is worthy.


I just think Vh1 has a problem. Just like MTV which isnt surprising cuz its the same company. Its called milking the cow dry. Anything that is a success they will repeat over and over until it becomes ridiculous and not sensible. I love the “I love the….” shows. However what next? “Top 100… ” are always fun but its always shocking to see what will they try to come up with next.

When Divas Live first came out… I again am not a fan of much of the music but I did watch it and for the most part, was content with the lineup. If memory serves it was Gloria Estefan (trust me she is a latin diva), Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Aretha Franlin…. and Shania Twain. For the most part, I could see why most of them were there, Shania? She was popular but a diva? Really? I shrugged my shoulders and just told myself I didnt get it cuz I wasnt a fan. 10 years later, I say my cynical pondering was valid.

The next one… I think it was Cher, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, and …. Brandy. Again, most were accurate. But Brandy? Really????? Come on now. You cant be an ingenue and a Diva it doesnt work. I will get to this issue in a minute.

Basically the others got progressively ridiculous. Beyonce was on one in like 2003 which was fine but ask me who else was on there and I’ll be damned if I can remember … EXCEPT JEWEL!! Again, REALLY? Jewel? A Diva???

This year I saw the line up and Vh1 as blasphemed the word Diva.

I dont care that Paula Abdul hosted or even performed. Although yeah Im glad I missed that.

The “Divas” though, I mean gimme a break.

Now dont misunderstand!! Some of these women I actually do like! Im not saying they arent all good. (Though some make me gag). I just dont think they warrant Diva stature. At least not yet.

Adele. I love Adele. I think shes a fabulous singer and if she keeps it up can be a diva. Just not now I mean she wins one grammy and shes a diva? Let the girl grow into it people!

Kelly Clarkson. Ok, I am not a fan of her music but I do love her. I think she has the makings of a Diva on respectable personality alone. She is who she is and makes no exuses. Rock on. However, not a Diva. I dont care what you say. But no.

Leona Lewis. Umm who? I mean ok I know WHO she is, but she hasnt made any worldly impact to be considered a Diva. I dont even care if shes good. I dont know if she is, Ive never heard the girl sing.

Miley… fucking… Cyrus. Ok we need to discuss this at length….

Look. I seriously dont dislike this girl entirely. I think shes a stupid little thing that does things without thinking. As most teenagers do so therefore I dont hold it against her. I DO think that the media and her upbringing REALLY are fucking her up. I mean even if shes “fine” mentally, I got issues when her parents dont seem to make her accountable for her actions and she insists on doing things without realizing that she is a teenager that other teenagers and little girls look up to. I always believe in living your life making sure you dont have to apologize later. I know it sounds fucked up but isnt it easier to just make sure you are respectful instead of doing something that you will have to apologize for later? I mean, I admittedly HATE to apologize. I hating being in the wrong so I do my best to avoid the situation. I wish someone would tell her (and Kanye West for that matter) to stop before you do something and think about it. I have a HUGE issue with calling kids under 18 DIVAS. (I also have a huge issue with a little girl riding a pole at a Kids Choice Award Show).She is too young to be a Diva. She is too young to know what goes into being one. Calling someone like Miley a Diva is pretty much giving her an excuse to just do what she wants. I firmly believe that she has no idea of what a Diva is or what goes into having that title. It upsets me that she is given this and not understanding what it means. I dont want her to be a Diva.

Look: Diva (with the d capitalized) is different than diva (not capitalized). The capital D signifies the sash you wear with pride whereas the regular diva signifies an obnoxious attitude of believe you are entitled to things when you truly arent worthy. Miley cant be a Diva, she is too new an still has a career ahead of her and she still needs the twists and turns. She hasnt experienced them yet. You cant be a Diva until you know what that career will give you.

I know, Im cynical and maybe a bit bitter. Whatever. I know what I want in my Diva and most of them didnt have it. I support some of them in their careers and hope Adele becomes a Diva in her own right but I think Vh1 truly needs to know what the term is and they have shown me that they not only dont know, they dont care.