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Music Review: Andres Calamaro

September 16, 2009
Argentinas Own, Andres Calamaro

Argentina's Own, Andres Calamaro

Andres Calamaro is an Argentinian singer who has really won me over. He has a really raspy, smokey, cigarette addict-damaged voice that really isnt easy to like. The first time I ever heard him I really wasn’t feeling him. I couldn’t figure him out. Was he a balladeer? Was he a tradition bolero singer? Was he new wave? Alternative? I couldn’t get it. I just couldnt figure out where he was going with his music. Thats how he grew on me.

Andres basically hits on everything to make his own sound. He pays homage to everything in his music. Salsa, Tango, Bolero, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Blues, Funk, you name it.

The other thing I love about this guy is, he lives and breathes music and its not about the money. I mean he made his music free he wanted it to be downloaded on torrents and free sharing sites because he wanted the music for everyone. Hes always trying to make new music and make different sounds. Its awesome.

I couldnt find many videos on the guy so here is one for his song Loco, its not my fave but its pretty good.

Music Review: Alek Syntek

July 26, 2009
Adorably Nerdy

Adorably Nerdy

Its been a while. I may be making up for lost time this week so get ready for possibly more than one of these a day.

So yes, Alek Sytnek. Another latin musician. Pretty awesome I must say. Based in Mexico, he started out young doing mexican tv shows aimed at children, with an iconic mexican singer named Lucero ( I know there is a band named that so dont get confused, Lucero from Mexico was a child singer who would act and doing musical movies, etc.)

Anyways, from there he ended up forming a band called Alek Syntek y La Gente Normal (Alek Syntek and the Normal People) a really cool alternative rock/pop band. Alek’s songs were written and composed all by him. Of course all in spanish but with influences from funk, pop, new wave, and a bit of punk and alternative sounds. The videos themselves are really cool and were different.

I gotta say in general videos from Latin countries, be it Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, etc, they are more avant guarde and artistic when the budget allows them to be and I may love english speaking songs more, I always thoroughly enjoy and look forward to latin videos. I know Im gonna see someone try to do something new and unseen. Not all the time but most of the time. I suggest even if you dont like latin music to give the videos a go. I can promise you they are entertaining.

After years of being with his band, it was pretty clear he was the mastermind and needed to do his own material on his own. He made a huge name for himself as a lyricist, composer, and producer. Helping other latin artists with their own musical endeavors that it was time for solo work. Left La Gente Normal, and has made a few albums in his own right.

What I like about his solo work is that he really built up the lyrics. With his band the songs were more band influenced making sure the instruments were showcased more often, I mean after all the band were his friends and diplomacy was evident. He knew they needed their moment to shine as well. Now on his solo work it was more about the songs themselves. He really knows his voice too. Hes done a few duets (including Kylie Minogue) and he knows who his voice blends well with. He knows the technical aspects of music and it shows.

What I do miss is the edgy portion. I do like his solo work quite a lot but with the band the alternative and punk influences really were what got me into them. I really think if I werent a fan of his prior to his solo work, I more than likely would have never bothered giving this a listen. Im glad I did though but there are a lot of latin singer songwriters out there and he probably would have gotten lost in the crowd of them.

Here’s the video that really got me to love him, its back when it was Alek Syntek y La Gente Normal. Talk about out there.