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Music Review: Ana Torroja

September 9, 2009
Spanish Icon Ana Torroja

Spanish Icon Ana Torroja

Ana Torroja is a Spanish pop singer who originally started in my favorite Spanish New Wave band, Mecano. She has this voice of a pixie. Adorable voice yet she can pull off sexy and sultry at the same time.

I wont lie, if you want me to compare how I liked her in Mecano and how I like her now, her solo work would lose. Its a BIT generic for my liking, cheesy pop that really has nothing to the songs that make me sit there and go “OMG that song is AMAZING!” Whereas in Mecano every song was a story. The reason for that was, she wasnt the creator of those songs though she made them her own.

THATS NOT TO SAY I DONT LIKE HER. I still love her. What she does she does amazingly well and I am more than overjoyed for her success. Its well needed and deserved. Some of her songs have been awesome and I enjoy listening to them. In fact, she covered Bette Midler’s Bottomless, and I hate that song but its awesome coming from her! Shes also done duets with Miguel Bose and Alek Syntek and they were phenomenal. When you hear that voice it draws you in because it SOUNDS so innocent and sweet. Thats not to say her songs are always as such but you do WANT to listen to her. It helps that shes good at what she does.

The video I got is of course her cover of Bottomless, apparently this song was meant to be sung in Spanish. Sorry Bette.