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Music Review: Andrew W.K.

September 30, 2009
Andrew W. K..... no really, thats totally him.

Andrew W. K..... no really, thats totally him.

This guy just flat out cracks me up.

Andrew W.K. is more than just a heavy metal looking dude that sings Party Hard.

Ok so granted thats really the only song hes known for and its admittedly my fave song from him BUT its true.

I know a lot of you remember his album cover for the album that carried that single. You know, just a close up of his face all bloody from a punch to the nose. That long stringy metal hair, etc. Yeah, looking at the pic above you dont realize its him. I know, trust me, I am still kinda blown away that he seriously is kinda cute.

Hes known for that single but ALSO for his stints in the Jackass Movie and just doing insane stunts. His album cover alone proved that as according to him, its real. He actually had someone punch him in the face to make it bloody. Now, do I believe him? Ehhh… hes crazy but I dunno if he’s THAT crazy.

His songs are almost all the same in the sense they are all 80s metal reminiscent but they are updated and they are just flat out awesome songs to well… play at parties. I mean its called Party Hard for a reason.

I also love the song I Love Your Face haha. The title alone.

THAT BEING SAID, there is actually more to this guy.

Hes a trained pianist. Hes studied music since he was a child and has been in the music industry since he was 13. He comes from a very intelligent family, his dad is a law scholar and his speeches to large lecture halls of people really had a strong influence on him. Not only does Andrew do the whole metal head deal, hes also capable of composing pretty cool songs and has just recently started collaborating with other musicians. Andrew is also a pretty known public speaker and has been doing self help seminars all over the US.

And yes, he cut off all that nasty ass hair. He explained it in a blog. Bottom line, he got rid of it because he figured his career would be over without all that hair… so, he did it. Yeah, thats how he rolls. I actually think thats kinda awesome.

My favorite performer? Nah, nowhere near it. However he is someone that deserves some recognition so he has mine!

Video: Sadly Party Hard is disabled for embedding so I have the song She Is Beautiful. Not a great song but hey, Im not leaving you all without a video. Its the least I can do.

Music Review: Aerosmith

June 23, 2009

Aerosmith. Ok. I gotta say this one is a hard one to review. They arent a fave and yet ask me to say one bad thing about them and for the life of me I cant think of anything.

Started in the early 70s this band is prolific and has maintained a stronghold in music since then. Their popularity damn near fizzled out in the early 80s mainly due to the entire bands prolonged drug use. They did clean up but the damage was done at that point… UNTIL Run DMC collaborated with them on a remake of Walk This Way. The rest is history.

Now heres the thing. I think I know why they lucked out. It wasnt JUST the Run DMC thing. See when they started out, if you listen to their tunes they were a full on blues influenced band. I mean I get old school blues and influences from The Animals when I hear them. So when I listen to their early stuff… its alright but Ive never been a huge fan of blues music so I know if I was around then I more than likely wouldnt have listened. Honestly though if you want any proof of their blues influence please listen to their cover of Cry Me a River. I mean I seriously never thought I would hear that. The thing is as time went on their sound kinda became a bit obscure. Disco and Punk were making waves so they werent really winning any new fans.

I think they hit it big in the 80s because they really blended in well with the reputable metal bands. Now they were in my opinion nothing like many of the metal bands but they fused well with the genre cuz well, honestly, Metal has a tendency to just rip off blues chords so yeah fit in perfectly and I LOOVED them in the 80s and early 90s.

Yes yes they became mainstream. Yes yes they did a movie soundtrack. What fucking ever. Do NOT get me on a rant about bands that are labeled as “sell outs” I hate it, it ticks me off.

At this point in time, I can honestly say I have no idea what is in store for them. I honestly dont care haha. I just respect what theyve given and think they should all be proud of themselves…. which Im sure they are.

Heres a vid for you all. One of their weirdest, Pink: