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A letter to MTV

September 25, 2009

Dear MTV:

I think we need to talk. I know we haven’t spoken in a while but I have been keeping an eye on you from afar so dont think I’ve been avoiding you, I just dont want a relationship with you anymore.

When we first met, you were newly born. When you came into my life, I was a 7 year old who saw her salvation. Her two favorites combined: Music and television.

You were so awesome. You were creative, you had awesome people working for you. Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood, some guy with a Jerry Curl, Adam Curry…. ALL telling me about music and new musicians. Presenting little 5 minute movies musicals. All different types of music that I just absorbed like a sponge.

You also did things for others which I will always be happy about. You introduced unknowns to the world and made them famous. You gave everyone a shot at success and were willing to show people’s talent. Even if it was for just a minute. No joke I learned sooo much from you about different genres of music and even global cultures!

Then, you started to change a little. I understood, I mean I didn’t think you needed to cuz hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! However I was happy with the new things. Like Half Hour Comedy Hour, Remote Control, Just Say Julie Brown. It was a nice break. I emphasize BREAK.

Then you created The Real World. It wasnt an original idea mind you. I mean there was a reality tv show based on an actual family in the 70s but you focused this idea on 7 young 19 to 20 somethings who were all different living together in one place and see what happen.

I must admit, I loved it. I thought it was a great idea. I loved the very first one in New York. I wanted to be friends with Julie and Becky and Norm. I had a HUGE crush on Andre. I have to admit though, I thought to myself “whats this doing on MTV?” I mean remote control, just say julie, and mtv half hour comedy hour kinda were relevant to music television. Remote Control had comedy but referenced pop culture and music quite often. Just say Julie showed music videos and talked about music all the time. Half Hour Comedy Hour would have some of their comedians become VJs like Pauly Shore, Colin Quinn, etc.

The Real World, didnt exactly show that. It was just life. I did rationalize it though. Heather B was a rapper, Becky and Andre were struggling musicians. I thought “hey once this is over they will be famous musicians, MTV is helping them” so there had to be a reason why it was on MTV.

Yeah where are they now? Then the next season (really another season, alright) They were in LA. I watched it. It was alright but there was unnecessary drama. Then Real World San Fransisco. It again was alright, in fact I liked it better than LA because at the time AIDS and AIDS awareness were a big deal and Pedro Zamora really was the face of it at the time. It had an impact on me. However Rachel and Puck were a waste of my time. They were the beginning of the downfall for me. It was clear that you were all just looking for drama and I wasnt down. You won me over again with The Real World in London though. Why? Because there was no major drama! It was awesome! It was what made me realize I wanted to move and live there. It still drives my dream. MEANWHILE you all dismissed that season as your “bad” season cuz there was no drama and THATS when I realized what was happening to you.

You changed at that point. I didnt mind TRL at first because you played videos but the problem with TRL is that you ONLY played what mainstream generic people listened to. We are all not the same some of us dont have a voice. You catered to us all at the beginning but then decided that all that mattered was what made you popular and what brought in numbers. You forgot about the music. You brought in MTV Cribs, Pimp my Ride, Laguna Beach, The Hills, I dont even KNOW what else but babe, IT AINT MUSIC.

Now you have gone into producing movies. Fine whatever, if its not on your actual network I dont give a shit. However you have crossed the line.

You are SERIOUSLY gonna make over Rocky Horror? Like seriously? I mean its so unoriginal when ANYONE remakes a movie. It shows that no one is even trying. You just dont care anymore, do you. You just want to make money and not realize the movie magic you are destroying. The rumor is you want Russell Brand to play Frankenfuter. Look, I love him soooo much but I will still boycott this movie out of respect for the people who were unknowns and were discovered and became legends because of this movie. No one discovers people anymore. There are soo many people trying to make it in this business and they look to people like you to help them out and you dont. How pathetic are you?

I give up on you MTV. You used to mean something to me. You were once important and stood for something: Music. You dont do that anymore and for that Im sad. I will still hope and pray you change your ways however it doesnt seem likely. This year’s VMAs were a breath of fresh air. I was happy about it. You went back to making it a fun show and spectacular. Now if only you can do that for your entire network.