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My Amanda Palmer Music Blog…. not yet…

August 8, 2009

Yeah my next music review is to be about the most awesome Amanda Palmer.

I havent written it yet, apparently. Im kinda nervous about it. I mean, I want it to be perfect. I want it to describe everything I feel when I listen to her. How her blogs, tweets, and interviews give me a drive to succeed. I want it to be reasonable and honest.

Why am I so intense on this particular review?

I want her to read it. I know it sounds stupid but I follow her on twitter and when fans comment and whatnot she does normally take the time out to respond. I would hope she would be able to see my mention of the music review and read it.

I dont even want anything out of it to be honest. I just want her to read something that would make her happy. I mean for me if someone wrote something about the work I do and acknowledge and respect it, it would help my self confidence if only for a minute.

However yes, there is a very reasonable and logically chance that she wont read i and as bummed as that would make me, it wouldnt change anything. It would still be really important because its a way of improving my writing. I want people to want to read my blogs and look forward to them, to reminisce about an artist from the past, to discuss their own opinions about artists I may not like that they do or vice versa. I love to talk about music and I really hope people want to discuss it with me.

here’s hoping!